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  1. anyway how would you be able to get involved in the development of this mod? i mean, working on a multiplayer mod is way more difficult than creating spam. and even if you had the requirements, Jax wants to do most things by himself( as he mentioned earlier in this topic) and he already has enough contributors, otherwise he'd inform the community. ontopic: edit: never mind, just the old link doesn't work. nice job on the magazine by the way
  2. yeah many of such projects came and go, but that doesn't mean that they were imitating MTA at all. the only project (in my opinion) that was close to imitating MTA was ViceMultiplayer, when Stanton just started the project( he constantly asked the mta team for help but also 'sort of' said that it would beat mta. later on , the team size grew, and most of them joined GTAC, and a few of them are currently in the SA-MP team, which isn't an imitation). i don't understand why ppl don't realise that there is no competition between those projects. until ppl realise, the arguïng will go on. i think developers of any multiplayer mod should stay neutral ( which means they shouldn't say thinks like, we're the best or our mod beats mod x ; anything that sounds arrogant and which could cause a flamewar between mods). some fanboys however, will never realise though, but that can be dealt with. anyway, i think planetgta should have waited for interviewing you( the team) cause you've just started to focus on deathmatch. and yeah it will be more interesting for the fans as soon as new info/media is going to be revealed.
  3. thats unknown but hopefully between now and 10 months why? something special going on?
  4. whoops, must have missed it. anyway, it's great to see that the new pickups suggestions may be taken into serious consideration(according to ChrML). so keep up the suggestions for new pickups ppl!
  5. what about a pickup that makes you drive as if you are drunk, like in Vice City, where you had to bring phil to the hospital.
  6. yeah, and i also said in my previous post that the number of players may change anyway, ppl with windows xp 64-bit edition can play MTA San Andreas.
  7. i actually intended to make a suggestion for R1.5 myself, i didn't mean to start a topic about any suggestion for R1.5 though, just stick to pickups would be nice
  8. That's far from the reality . yes i agree with you. and the statement mrbump made last year was way overdue( that MTA would become as popular as Half-Life, last year there were a couple of thousand ppl playing half life online at a certain time). currently there are approximately 500(that's a large amount though!) ppl playing, which was also the case in the good old days of MTA 0.3r2. the amount may raise though(for example, later today, or when R2 is released). there are quite a few populated servers, and i think littlewhitey's server is the most popular one
  9. MTA San Andreas really gives me that micro machines vibe i don't know if R1.5 is just gonna fix some issues that were discovered in R1 or that you will add some new features. anyway, why not add some more pickups? like, a pickup that makes your vehicle heavier/slower ( like in the gta3 mission bullion run?) or a sort of teleport pickup that warps you backwards or maybe forwards to give an advantage. a pickup that changes gravity may also be a good idea. can't think of any others at the moment, but if anybody likes this idea as well, then think of some other new pickups yourself
  10. i've just played MTASA, and i'm actually impressed. ok it may not be a revolution or a world leading multiplayer mod, but it's certainly an improvement in compare to MTA 0.5( ok racing isn't new, but it is sort of new in the multiplayer mod scene). the GUI is also a very good addition and very easy to use. i expected the map editor to be a good addition and that's really the case. very easy to use and a wide variety of objects( lol i even noticed that there were weapons. ok i've quickly browsed through the list so i may be wrong though) after watching those videos, i thougth that the sync would be pretty bad. well i've just played on littlewhitey's server which was located in the netherlands( that's where i actually live) and it doesn't seem that bad at all. ok it's not 100% smooth, but it's certainly better than i expected. sometimes other players's vehicles move a little odd( in all directions) though. so the overall score is 7.5 out of 10, good job
  11. yes, posty, but you gotta realise that MTA or Multitheftauto is the world's leading multiplayer modification for the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy they don't want other mods to get in the middle of the attention, even though these topics aren't meant to diss MTA in any way.
  12. posty, they may modify the rules though other multiplayer mods aren't welcome here i guess the rules on this subforum have already been changed once.
  13. 1 april 2006 (well maybe not the release itself, but something related to it).
  14. i actually suggested that; apparently, the other jax didn't like it
  15. how would you know? just because one project seems buggy and uses delphi, doesn't mean that Delphi is a bad program language for this if you said VB i'd agree, but with delphi you can do a lot more. besides, it doesn't matter, since it isn't related to GTAM itself.
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