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  1. Any developers alive in here? NO * Solide has quit IRC (Quit: ) MTA developers that is? I have a brilliand Idea for a race but i have no clue how to make it Tractorpulling, where u pull a car or buss after the tractor * Ywa-NL is now known as Ywa well it was nice talkin to myself bye bye then' * Togle has quit IRC (Quit: Togle) rofl :') lmao
  2. Yeah, that's what i meant, you explained it much better lol
  3. I just had this idea when i was thinking about how clan gaming could be worked into the race mod. What if, when the player drives through a corona, instead of changing vehicle, it changes the player in the car. This would mean clans could compete against each other and there be a clearly defined winner, which there wouldnt be if each player had a car each. Just a thought
  4. The first PC game i have memory of playing is Doom when i was about 7 or 8. I used to play it in bed on my dad's laptop, untill one day, i heard some footsteps on it that totally freaked me out, i just stopped playing it. I played C&C a bit when i was about 10 but not much. I only started PC gaming properly just over a year ago, when i finally got a half decent PC, within a month or so of getting it I discovered MTA, and i became totally addiced to it, probably played 3-4 hours every night for about a month or two, which was a lot for me. Nothing since has got me quite as hooked, possibly because i actually have a social life now which i didn't back then so i don't have as much time for gaming, but the community in MTA is just so great i kept me coming back again and again. MTA + VCES ftw!!
  5. I think that's a good idea. I remeber back in the day when i used to play MTA regularly talking on TS with people who were playing single player while i was on mta, it would be cool to be able to have this option so you could keep chatting to your clanmates even if youre not playing the multiplayer at the time
  6. omg, i guess it turns out that this race mod which everyone was dissapointed with to begin with is gonna fucking kick ass. meh, dm can wait, this is gonna be good enough for ages. great work guys
  7. I think outgame chat is a really good idea though, it what makes MTA different from other games, the fact that you can just catch up with your clanmates n stuff without actually having to play
  8. People already did, it was called DiVaS, but it kinda fizzled out
  9. how can you not know who he is, i'm a n00b at football but everyone in the wold knows who he is basically. And i agree with whitey, yeah i'm sad he died and that, but he was a bit of a daft twat carrying on drinking after his transplant so i have less sympathy for him. Still sad tho
  10. How about like in CS:S for example, you have to wait for the round to finish before you can play. If you were shown the race route/the actual race while you are waiting
  11. Try using the 1st no-cd .exe you had, but change the game version number. The crash at the end of the load is often caused by having the wrong one selected
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