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MTA/GTA:VC World Record Challenge

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Well, I don't know enough about this "feature" / "cheat" to disqualify DanV yet. I will talk to GF and DanV both to hear whats going on. Then the decission will be made to keep Danv as record holder or disqualify him. All i can say about that new rotation record.... DAMN

~ Bloody

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does this count????


if not here is the 486... i wish i could get 530 again


ignore the car domain logo... didnt feel like screwing with n e other place to upload image

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The current record is 540 as far as distance goes, So why even post anything shorter? No its not even close to a record so NO ITS NOT A RECORD. Do you honestly not understand the concept of a "world record"???... I think the lesson here is READ PREVIOUS POSTS BEFORE POSTING SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A DUMBASS. The records are updated as they are broken at http://thegamersalliance.com and on the first post of this topic. Look either place but for gods sake atleast LOOK before posting some screenshot of 436 feet.

DanV, I think you gave me the wrong video file the other day for the 550 foot jump, You accidently gave me the 550+(which you didn't land) and not the 550 file. Catch me on MSN and give me the 550 and i will update the records.

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Ok, I want to clear DanVs name. DanV is remaining the record holder, he does not cheat. He uses the number 9 on the keyboard to go faster. Every stunter that knows anything about stunting uses it. I think things got mixed up in translation and the fact that there are "PS2 controllers" and "PS2 keyboards". DanV misunderstood what GF was talking about and GF took it the wrong way (I think). No ones fault really, just a mix up. The number 9 key is legal for this world record challenge. its not in the rules against it and it won't be added to the rules.

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Yeah, alot of ppl don't know that you can cut alot of wind resistance and gain more spped then usual by leaning. I have been called a cheat or speed hackeremany times when racing or whatever because some ppl just don't know about it. So for thoses out ther that don't know, now you do. ;)

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Ok I know one of the rules is to land the stunt and it had to be in MTA but this one ins't .

I made this stunt a couple of months ago and i had forgoten about it but now i was diggin in my hard drive when i found it .

Read bellow for some more info.




There is also a video :


P.S: IF it does not work "RightClick>Save Target as..."

Ask me how i did it ... And the answer is . I have no idea . I think it is because when i got out of the building i hit the wall on the side and i was going to fast and then my bike just started to spin VERY fast . Unfortunately i did not land :D But i think the jump is good enought :D

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This is a great idea, and something we had been doing since early stunt server testing, (although not collecting the records, just seeing who could go highest furthest etc :) ) I'd love to enter myself, but unfortunately this steam powered pc just cant handle recording a video and playing vc, the frame rate drop is so dramatic as to make it unplayable, so i wont be able to submit any entries.

i will however be striving to beat them anyway.

Good luck record seekers

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is there a seperate record for pcj stoppies? because with the faggio u can make it as long as you can drive, but the pcj can't. cause i can pull off consistant 313's (maxed at 382) with the pcj, and its a totally different kinda thing, if that makes any sense.

i mean, basically, u could just keep driving forever with the faggio doing a stoppie, i know ive tried, and even wheelie with it infinitely too...although ive never gone as long as these guys, gj :D

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you can say goodbye to the Distance and Height records. :P I've been practicing both and have been breaking the current records consistently. 8) So, i'll be filming tonight and posting in the early morning. :D

If you jump at the middle bridge, then the record is 550ft. Bloodymess13 just havn't uploaded it. How long did you jump?

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