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  1. when ever im done capturing video i wanna do wut any normal self-respecting person would do..gawk at my own achievemnet. but to my dismay, after the using fraps 2.0.0 build 1777, i cant play the video back with media player. it trys to download the codec info but fails. wont play in winamp either. anyone know where i can get this codec or why fraps is being gay?
  2. when i did this wheelie i didnt scrap on the ground and it wasnt a bug. i just balanced and steered and pumped the gas so that i stayed in the wheelie position.
  3. wut i did and always do for wheelies on pcj's (and it's defineatley a pcj) is toggle back and forth between leaning back and the gas. no bug.
  4. i really just dont get that question..
  5. u just have to do a wheelie for a long enough time..the longer the more bonus. not to be a dick but, try playing the single player mode b4 u get in over ur head.
  6. no a record but i think it's forum worthy.
  7. just in case noone said it yet, some should make a "genius" website for these records. it would add yet another limb to the beast that is MTA.
  8. nice hosting but not that deverse.. 4/10 stars
  9. i dont know if anyone else has come up with this idea, cuz im too lazy to read through ten pages of posts, but: since mta0.2.2 has established a way to make money by doing a trick, there should be a mode that allows you to use this income. some examples: -buy weapons -buy cars/bikes/heli/boats -buy prostitutes to enhance health/armor beyond the "100" limit. or wutever else. seem like a good idea to me, but i could be just as rong as i think im right. its up to you to make that decision. by the way, great job with the improvements with 0.2.2
  10. ya and when u get on a bike as a passenger when theres no driver it crashes vc. probably has something to do with that bug.
  11. nice score but that would be retarded if you cheated.
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