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    skateboarding, gaming, girls, and water. water is good

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  1. Samurai_Ohk


    Thx for the kind words
  2. Samurai_Ohk


    Well i can't take all the credit for editing Twas fun to make man. LIke he said, Enjoy!
  3. http://files.filefront.com/Connectedzip ... einfo.html enjoy
  4. Aye, i'll try to get a filefront link and YSI at some point this week
  5. The new community vid of stunters. Connected This is a vid of 40+ stunters from the gtastunting community. This is the 6th community vid. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome
  6. Hmm, the dl's work for basically everyone. If there is a problem, you could pm me, or report the prob on the site To each his own. To jigga, do you have norton......just so we won't get off Topic , pm me if you could. Very good vid, glad to see that alot more of the community sent in stunts for this.
  7. Been awhile since i've been here. Rock on MTA peeps, and enjoy
  8. same as vc, i suppose, just insert the demo with the folder with the exe. I made my LC after i had put spoosh in my VC, meaning i copied everything including spoosh, and then converted it to LC, and it was already there
  9. Spoosh demo, yea thats the one. Lithjoe you can find easily on gtaforums, probably the gtagarage, or just google around for it. If any of you guys visit gtastunting.com, there is a sticky thread that has all the useful mods such as no replay txt. .........etc For the vid xGj, i used Sony Vegas to edit. Thx guys, i'll be happy to help out with anything anytime
  10. i activated your m21 account, and deleted the "real_m21" account
  11. You can use LithJoe's Ultimate trainer, Spoosh, or a modified SCM that has a spawner built in. PM, your username m21 and i'll validate your account
  12. The only cheats used, were health, and no wanted level cheats. Any modifications to the vehicles were non existant........if i'm wrong i don't think Kaneda would ever do such a thing Thx for the replies m21, PM your prob and we'll fix it
  13. A new stunt collab vid with myself, Kaneda (from ATS) Omni, and Aries. Hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated. http://www.tgahq.com/?do=dynamic&id=2997
  14. No crazy intro or anything, just simple and stunts Enjoy http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=2649 and feel free to give feedback
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