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MTA/GTA:VC World Record Challenge

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Want to be locked in GTA:VC infamy? Submit the best and biggest stunt you got. This is a SINGLE STUNT challenge. There are going to be five different categories(as of right now). Most HEIGHT, most DISTANCE, most ROTATION. The winner of this challenge is going to be CROWNED WORLD RECORD HOLDER for there category. We are the only ones collecting these stats(as far as we know). This is the first of many world record contests to come from TheGamersAlliance.com


~ NO TWEAKING! (I think we are all mature enough to go on honor code here)

~ Both MTA:VC and GTA:VC videos are allowed

~ You MUST have ATLEAST the video (of the stunt, leaving the ground/ramp) for it to be submitable, ALTHOUGH it will NOT be recognized as a potential world record without a screen shot of the scores you got from the stunt, unless your scores are on the video ofcourse. (F2 to record replay, F12 to take screenshot from MTA)

~ YOU MUST LAND THE STUNT! (and ride it out for 3 seconds)

~ Only include the stunt you want judged in your video. Intro and credits are ok, just don't include multiple stunts.

~ No Glitch Exploitation!

~ No stunts performed driving Helicopters or Airplanes

~ For car stunts you must end up on your tires not your roof

~ If your car or bike explodes within 3 seconds of landing it will be disqualified

~ Screen shots alone are sufficient for ONLY 2 wheel car stunts, wheelie, and stoppie and you MUST be on the bike in the screenshot

~ Taxis with hydrolics are ok for car stunts

~ Maps other than the default Vice City map, or the MTA stunt server map are forbidden

~ Rhino stunts are only valid for the Rhino catagory

All videos and screen shots can be hosted free at: http://thegamersalliance.com/index/ (easy registration name/pass/email)

This is an ongoing challenge, world records will be announced as they are broken. Have fun and good luck!

Current Records: (edited as broken)

Bike Records

Distance: 563 ~ Gamefreek

Height: 187 ~ NightKnight

Rotation: 9159 ~ BARNEY


(Distance) - 3919 ~ Russian cooby

(Time) - 275 - Extent - CHECK IT OUT


(Distance) - 157783 - Scorp - CHECK IT OUT

(Time) - 1464 - Scorp - CHECK IT OUT

Car Records

Distance: - 356 - Zakick - CHECK IT OUT

Height: 230 - Neo Anderson

Rotation: 1595 - Pep

Flips: 4 - Neo Anderson

2 wheel:

(Distance) - 3109 - WEREWOLF

(Time) - 104 - WEREWOLF

Rhino Records

Distance: 1033 - netrex - CHECK IT OUT

Height: 106 - Gamefreek - CHECK IT OUT


Overall Best Record

Distance: 1033 - netrex - CHECK IT OUT

Height: 187 ~ NightKnight

Rotation: 9159 ~ BARNEY

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Would using the stunt ramps in MTA be allowed?

Would be using some of the special stuff that happens in missions (stuff like slo-mo) be allowed??

Yes those are allowed, to both of those questions. As far as glitches go, Glitch exploitation is against the rules (i just added it).

Well I just wanted to set the bar so that people wouldn't submit stupid stunts and be able to hold the record for a while. This isn't all that spectacular but atleast it will set the bar and also show you how your video should be formatted. Ofcourse this is really basic you can add whatever else you want besides any other stunts.


Height: 46

Rotation: 960


Distance: 470

If your having problems uploading your stuff to TGA then email me or catch me on MSN @ [email protected][/url]

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the reason for the screen and the video is to prove that its real and not just photoshopped. if you use fraps and capture it saying your score you don't need an extra screen shot.

about the stoppie/wheelie thing... I was planning on making another set of challenges after this one but obviously its not doing so well. I was hoping people would pull off some badass stunts and we would see some truely impressive stunts. Obviously thats not the case, atleast not yet.

Think you can beat it? Prove it =- )

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Yeah, I wanted to include that in the next contest also. lol if you can beat that with a faggio go for it. I am still waiting for someone to challenge my records, i surely didn't make this challange just for me!

Maybe they are too proud of themselves that they don't bother with this :P

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8) Broke the Height Record, I made a 93 foot high jump! 8)

Here are the screenies



and here is a link to the video....i have just the plain no audio copy too but I needed the practice for putting together a vid. :D


My personal records are Height 113 feet, Distance 500 feet and Rotation 1353 but FRAPS failed to record without skipping one or both of the Stunt Stat Text. :cry: I'll get them recorded soon. :D

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Chaos, I got two things to say.... First off 93 feet is up there lol, second... Holy shit that was a damn good video. You should make a new stunt video. That was awesome and unique how you changed "replay" to "sm". Very nice work.

yeah getting it recorded is a pain i know. But otherwise people could just say they had 100 feet and just photoshop the pictures. This way its atleast somewhat harder to cheat the system.

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Chaos, I got two things to say.... First off 93 feet is up there lol, second... Holy shit that was a damn good video. You should make a new stunt video. That was awesome and unique how you changed "replay" to "sm". Very nice work.

Im glad ya liked the vid and the editing, i slapped it together in like 10 min. Its a pain to record cause of the LAG MONSTER but I'll get them. I broke my personal best distance last night. Its now 503ft and my high jump, now at 127ft. But I did them while playing MTA and only have screenies. My Stunt vid will be done soon, too. :D

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