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  1. You can use Fraps to capture the replayfootage to an AVI file, and after that is done you can use VirtualDub to encode so it becomes smaller.
  2. As in deathmatch? That has to be a bag of fun and enjoyment Gamepads are the main reason I hate consoles Anyways, my setup is the same (for movement) as in my other games: forward: D back: E (yeah, I know, backwards, but I'm used to it) strafe left: S strafe right: F jump: mouse2 sit: space run: R front wheel up: 6 front wheel down: 9
  3. I've heard that from several people and I really don't know why it happens. Maybe Bloodymess13 can have a look at it.
  4. I really liked the 5ive movie =) Very stylish intro and sweet stunts
  5. Giving constructive criticism isn't equal to being rude.
  6. Ramon: Why do you keep being rude to people who post their first movies?
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all =) May the holidays be good to you and the new year prosperous Now I'm off to my sister for christmas dinner and giftopening
  8. Hehe I just got 5930 yesterday but i didn't land it, but the game recorded the record anyways. Gonna land one over 9k some day 5930 is the best I've ever had though.
  9. What happened to the first post? Did someone deactivate HTML for it? =)
  10. I did a google search for my movie to see if I could find it on any other sites than the ones I've uploaded/posted it on and found another Vice City movie with the same name released July this year http://www.edgefiles.com/files/15678.html Weird stuff. A pretty nice movie so worth the download
  11. The link work just fine here.. Try this instead. http://files.filefront.com/Dark_Army_Do ... einfo.html The one NightKnight posted is a short version that leads to this one.
  12. Very Very nice movie For certain one of the best GTA movies I've seen Is there a high quality version out there I can get my hands on? =)
  13. This is funny I have got lots of PM on QuakeNet and several e-mails about people wanting the music and wondering where they can find it And it's not a stuntingmovie, so don't judge it as one..
  14. NP dude How did you do? Btw.: Bike Records: Rotation: 8866 ~ NightKnight Overall Best Record: Rotation: 6134 ~ Barney
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