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  1. It's probably your computer.... When I first got fraps and tried to use it, I only had 128MB of RAM and a 32MB video card, and fraps would slow Vice City down so much that it was unusable, even when I set the game at the lowest possible graphics acceleration.
  2. lol thx very much. You're right about the music, I'll never be able to find a song everyone likes, so I'll just stick to the music I like... my condolenses to those of you who like more modern music lol, if I were making the videos for just myself I would probably have orchastral or funk lol...
  3. I use the same server as tga (I think... it might just be a sponser of tga, click the cheesburger thing on their home page) anyway, thanks guys, it was tough work to make this vid. Originially it was going to be shorter, but I thought I'd add some of the patriot and caddy... another hopefully coming soon
  4. This one is quite a bit better I think. The camera angles are much better, the music is better (sorry about black betty in my first vid, I just had to use it lol) Anyway, tell me how you like this one: http://www.shadmin.com/vicecity/brianith03.wmv
  5. Well thanks for the input everyone. I'm making a new one with some great stunts (it's still in development, so I'll take the tip and get rid of some of those tacky transitions). So far I'm only working with the pcj but since you guys like the variation I'll put some other vehicles in there. And for the music, anyone object to enter sandman? hehe anyway the camera angles are fixed (thx whoever tipped me on that) and this new vid should be quite a sight...
  6. I jumped a patriot off the packer in the film studio and got it stuck on the cacti like this: http://www.shadmin.com/patriottree.jpg Edited by: Alex3305 because of too big Screenie.. If Blokker finds out you could be BANNED... U be warned..
  7. Sry I couldn't catch you online andy but I got a new server of my own with a gig of space so now I can host my own videos. I fixed the link on my first post.
  8. Yeah I know... tga is having some problems, I'm trying to get it uploaded again.
  9. http://www.shadmin.com/brianith02.wmv This is my first stunt video. Sry for the camera positions, I didn't know how to change them when I made the movie. Also the cab hangs in the air for a while, but other than that I think it's pretty good. I wanna know what everyone thinks.
  10. Alright, thanks, I'll try to get you on msn. (I'm [email protected] on msn messenger)
  11. yeah I had an account before and everything uploaded fine, but it won't on my new account.
  12. It was in the rules that you have to land and ride it out for 3 seconds, so the one in the water won't count...
  13. I went to thegamersalliance.com and made an account, and it won't let me upload my video. It's a wmv about 11mb, and it takes a while to load up the next page after I click upload, but when I look at the list or type in the url it's not there. Can anyone help?
  14. Oh it's really that easy? Lol thanks very much.
  15. When I make a good stunt, my replay usually keeps the camera in "beside the car" mode for most of the stunt. Is there any way to change the view while watching the replay, or to make that camera angle dissapear? If someone could help that would be great.
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