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  1. Checking in again 4 years later Same story as original post; stopping by to say hi to everyone and thank the devs for not pruning this forum, It's an awesome trip to go back in history through my posts years ago
  2. Hello everyone, as most of you don't remmember me, I hope at least some do -- Yes, I'm a veteran, probably the oldest that they'll come as, hehe. Anyways, just dropping by, seeing as I still have my account in this forum (and belive it or no, could remmember my password on the first try). Long time since I haven't said a word to lots of friends I said here. (about 1.5 years) So take this as a hello (and notice that I'm not dead ), unfortunatly I "grew out of" GTA, but keep an eye on the MTA updates every once in a while, I might not play it, but support it up to the day. As I have always and always will. Great job GTA3AM/Multi Theft Auto Team! //edit: Please do take my appologies If I have posted this thread in the wrong forum, I've just noticed the "non-mta" related forum would fit it's category better.
  3. I only have one copy of GTAVC on my pc at the moment, and that one copy is brand new, dedicated to MTA, but what i have noticed is that i get a crash while trying to load SP,(mta is closed) Is this a new thing mta is now doing? cause i do remmember SP working while mta was installed before..
  4. http://home.comcast.net/~dgtadude/lol.PNG Only Nitrous and turn frame rate balance off trick.. (ill be making a video of this later cause most of the people do not belive me )
  5. Kind of oftopic, but at the same time: It it just me or does the game crash for everyone once u switch from fagio to rc in less than a sec.. (touble tapping Enter)?
  6. Dgtadude


    Cheaters on stunt mode ? so what .. lol now we will be able to get were ever they are.. they cant kill us .. thats good enough for me , i belive stunt mode was made for us to have fun .. so if they go 10000MPH, i woun't mind .. they cant hit us anyway..
  7. IDEA: There should be a RC Stunt, For the coolest looking stunt or something..
  8. Dgtadude

    Beat This :D

    Indded my friend . There for allowing u to use the "Rhino" trick we used way back in gta3 to get to one island to another. Just simply get a jump high enough and keep hitting the nitrous as it reaches the load time, if ur jump was high enough u will start "flying"
  9. Dgtadude

    Beat This :D

    Recently found a little "trick" with Stunt mode and here are the results : Lets see if anyone here finds the trick and beat me (It's a little challange for you all.) Keep in mind no cheats were used,only the trick which was posted here. Note: There was a total of 1minute and 30 seconds of flight with RC.
  10. Lol man this is all messed up , I was just telling u the story i got on STunt, Quit MTA and gtavc then later i turned into deathmatch and there was a cheater in there with infinite health, flying cars and killing people. The stunt mode changing to dm is a totally different thing. But yes also happens alot. All i was saying is that in less than 16hours of release time, people were already cheating in MTA...
  11. Yep you were definitly the friend . Thanx for the tip , after i tried giving u the .exe i started getting the message and the trick you said works perfectly
  12. Well History should do it ^^, and yes i do support it but everything should be announced localy on chat so we know whats going on..
  13. ^^^^Oh Aight then, thax eAi, Must have been luck last time then.. (but we are talking about the error message right, not the actual trainer usage)
  14. My friend had the problem today which came out of no where, So i send him my client and it worked. Now .. i know alot of people here have the same prob so try it out it might work for u. I upload the official .5 client here : URL Removed /Proven that does not work\URL Removed Lol for some reason i got lucky and all my files work , and when i send them to people it works for them too .. Try it out .. this is just a test if it does not work , then .. my bad also if u still get the message try switching to the opposite game version you have, then switching back to the original and start game.
  15. ZzZ, it was a cheater dude, he had infinite HP and was running wicked fast+flying cars...
  16. Try download the USA version on the topic i made before and setting version to 1.0 MAKE SURE it is on 1.0 or it will not work.. if it does not work. Start GTAVC normally change the language to english on the menu and quit the game. then start mta and see if it works. (i heard that language was causing some crashes, not sure if true but try it out)
  17. /me get home from school turn on pc and starts MTA .5 Everything is fine playing with rc's on stunt and getting shot but happy on DM , until on dm , i saw the strangest thing .. a heli that went trough a building .. Its ok i guess.. Just lag or something But then .. the same guy in the heli got a car, went well over 600MPH and started flying, weird yes.. Unfortunatlly i did not get his name he was going by too fast and fraps was no on. After this experience i tough u guys shold made a hacker reporting tool.. For the times when we have time to get there name , cause it sux , i am less than 16 hours before release and people flying cars..
  18. Dgtadude


    Talk to server admin you guys.. This seems like a flood protection running on the server but with problems..
  19. I almost got on top of that building were the character screen was in .3, Got a screen of the guy falling . ill post it here tomorrow,(corrently on mobile)
  20. Nah but we just got to get used to them until maybe in the future a patch comes out..
  21. Well dude u kinda eliminated all the possibilities of fixing the prob here but .. Here it goes.. Make a ISO out of ur play disc or ask a friend to use his drive and then plant it on a virtual drive and run the game without crack.
  22. eAi, sometimes i playing Dm and out of no were GTAVC Just closes, no errors, no nothing . is that a common bug happening alot or just me ?
  23. Make sure u have the right version of the game selected on the client Ex (1.0 or 1.1) and make sure you do not have any mods/files missing on gtavc . When full try another server
  24. Agree 100%, Stunt rocks ! I guess the final touch it needed was the rc's and nitro
  25. LOL , Looks like when u douplicate a model in 3dmax and then disalign it by accident, LOL
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