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  1. Do you mean when some person in VC killed another one, or what?
  2. Hm, okay. I thought that almost everybody would hate the music, but it seems to fit ok. I already knew that this vid couldn't get a straight 10/10, but it was worth a try. Maybe I'll make a new video later, but right now I'm working on my Honda Civic in Need for speed Underground. >:] This is my webserver, so don't expect it to be online 24/7.
  3. Hi. I just finished my video and got it uploaded yesterday. Tell me what you think about it -> what's good, and what's bad. I The link is: http://thegamersalliance.com/videos/iAmHated.wmv (you might need to right-click on it, and then "save as") The filesize is ~23,5MB and the vid is 1:44.
  4. Some of the stunts are fine, but I think that 6mins is too long for a movie. And you should also make the music fit a bit better some times, imo.
  5. It dosn't work, and I have no place to upload since whitehat.dk has gone crazy. But if you give me your e-mail, then I can send it to you.
  6. The only thing you have to do, is to find the right spot when you're doing a wheelie, then then bike will hold its own balance.. if you understand? I have a screenshot where I almost get 20000ft (world record is nearly 40000ft) but it is 1024x768 and if I post it, Ill probaly get banned.
  7. Its harder to get a good score whiling using the PCJ 600. But if you use Sanchez, then it's easy to get ex 20000ft.
  8. Hmmm? I think that I have made a post where I link to the video, and if I'm not much mistaken, then you already got it from msn? (Msn dosn't work at me atm, dunno why). What if you make a list over the most famous jumps? So there are like 10 on both islands, where people can compete against each other?
  9. It is surely possible to jump longer than 550ft, but 550ft only goes for the middle jump, imo. But what does Bloodymess13 say?
  10. If you jump at the middle bridge, then the record is 550ft. Bloodymess13 just havn't uploaded it. How long did you jump?
  11. Is it a bug that you can use colors in your name, or what?
  12. I think that we are seeing the same over and over again, but some of the stunts are quite nice though.
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