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  1. Lol, it's ok. I never said it was a stunt video, just some stuff I threw together that I liked. Thanks for the tips though.
  2. It IS an in-game shot but I like to play with a turbo booster for a split second push at ramps and to lose the cops. I boosted off the little ramp on the other side of the canal. I have even landed on the wooden framing around the glass building at times. Anyway, I thought it was a cool shot. Lol, actually I just remembered if you view my movie in my sig below, I included the actual footage the shot was taken from in the last scene.
  3. I made a few but admittedly have become addicted to the turbo booster. Oh, and no car/tire damage, modified ramps and some other stuff I can't recall at the time.
  4. Just some clips I made in the past thrown together. http://nygmafiles.essentrix.net/gta/mov ... tunts2.WMV
  5. 436FT jump - Video http://nygmafiles.essentrix.net/movies/gta/436ft.avi And 450 FT screenshot but no video.
  6. I rode with him and it's weird that there is a hole in the map like that. I always wondered what that Yellow blip on the radar was when nothing was there. Could the two be connected in some way?
  7. Allow me to be the first to cheat (or admit so anyways)... http://nygmafiles.essentrix.net/movies/gta/records.avi
  8. Fraps works like that. You need to do your stunts or whatever and then replay. Record with fraps during the replay.
  9. Team A is the team that steals a set amount of cars and delivers them to a set location. Team B is the cops who try to prevent that from happening. Simple eh?
  10. I like to play at this one stunt server where they just do stunts and killing can get you banned. But when I play other servers I like to get a chopper and fly to roof-tops and blow out peoples tires or just blow up their cars and fly on to the next one.
  11. Ths was just a suggestion for a mod to be added to MTA. I made the demos in regular single player.
  12. It's all coded into the main.scm Nothing external.
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