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fore those who dident get whon here:

April 14, 2003

-=This is the first "The MTA Newspaper"=-

The Mta Newspaper will bring you the latest news about features and (upcoming) releases of the next MTA version. This is the first editition.

First, myself and the team would like to thank all people who subscribed to this mailinglist. This is the first edition, hope you like the layout (in HTML format).

-=News about MTA v0.3b=-

The releasedate of MTA v0.3b will probably be this month, the development was delayed because of my broken computer but now I've got an alternative computer. Headfonez, TermNL and me have been testing and developing on MTA v0.3b and for now we've almost completed: walking, shooting (still testing), new actor-method (so instead of the pedestrian-mod, that means no car-trick like in v0.2a), better layout (don't have to press alt+f12 anymore), dedicated server (still in early development), udp connection instead of tcp connection. The development of the walking includes that all players in the game will walk smooth, and not like penguins. The shooting is still in development, it's very complicated so it needs some more serious testing.

The next version of MTA, probably 0.4 or 0.5 will be not long after the release of v0.3b. MTA v0.3b takes so long, because we have to program the 'basic'-mta system. The next releases after v0.3b will use the same system as in v0.3b. We will totally focus on gameplay, communications, stability of course, and more things in the next releases.

This edition is made by:


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Copyright Multi Theft Auto 2003 - http://www.multitheftauto.com

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