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    Girls,everything that's electronic,seeing my friends and going to La Ronde!! ;-)
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    Thx for your VERY good work MTA team!!!

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  1. Please people who never talked to me nor heard things about me, don't vote or if you can't stop yourself, choose No opinion option =P. Note: That won't affect my choice to come back or not =P. Second Note: People who will choose second last option are dumbs who don't know me =PP.
  2. Well Iam A. Spammer, I was just telling my opinion
  3. Well, before there were a team named Multiplicity making different maps of VC for MTA:VC but I jusyt learned that they stopped working on VC to make a Half-Life 2 mod instead . Well, they could try to get another team to make maps for them or I think that Multiplicity has finished some maps before they stopped working on VC. Well, MTA could use these maps....
  4. I really think that MTA:VC 0.3 should have Multi-Maps in!! I mean so we can choose one of the few maps we can have in VC so that each game we play could be in a different place. That would rocks!! And for MTA 0.1, well, I'm not sure if that's a must cause, why whould we have both GTA3 and VC versions at the same time? One for VC and another one for GTA3 like it is right now seems great to me....
  5. No one hates them in the MTA Team.... Why are you saying that?
  6. Why don't you just exchange ur addresses? Isn't that a good idea? =P DracoBlue gives to the MTA team the addresses for 1.1 and the MTA team gives to DracoBlue the 1.0 addresses.... So everyone would be glad for years and years!! ^^
  7. FALSE!! I have a GeForce graphics card and I DON'T need the 1.1 patch.... It's only one type of GeForces Cards that doesn't work with 1.0 and I never saw someone with that card of telling me that the game didn't work with 1.0 up to now.... It's like only 1% of the people that have that card! GeForce didn't sell a shit load of these cards..... REALLY not. Man, do you even know what's the meaning of a Myth version?? Myth versions aren't simply cracked versions, myth mean downloaded on the net, and compressed so it's smaller on the hard disk. I mean, almost everything in it is changed, there aren't even sounds sometimes.... So the fact that you are able to play with a crack doesn't mean anything with the Myth versions.....
  8. Hey xerox, that's not fair! There are too much of Announcements and Sticky Threads in this section so even if someone post in my thread, it still at the bottom of the page!! =P
  9. Just try later....because maybe there aren't any....
  10. Yeah sorry Blokker.... But it only replaces the .exe....
  11. Oh.... Ok loll But on the channel I thought you were saying that it was not a good idea! And for the vote, I thought it were me that voted.
  12. Haha I don't know why, but it seems like xerox and warlord doesn't think it's a good idea of competition....
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