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  1. paying my regular weekly visit and i find a nice download. thanks MTA, still cant wait for blue though also any more download mirrors needed? i got 2 here in australia that i am able to use.
  2. ok im guessing this is the best section to put them in. extremely sorry if it is not but i couldnt find any information about where to post download links. as per usual i have a few download links for you for the new version of 0.4.1 sorry though about the lateness of this file coming up, i have been extremely busy. Download Mirror 1 Download Mirror 2 both mirrors are working 100% and if they go down... the internet is screwed. if mirror 2 does not work, it could be because it is hosted through a forum post Found Here but this shouldnt cause any problems. have fun. and thanks again for a great release.
  3. taxicall is annoying, you look behind you to see if anyone is chasing you and discover a taxi in front of you suddenly, very annoying. everything else though is pretty cool, its just Vice on steroids really.
  4. just my usual post when a new version comes out. when will you be needing file mirrors? i am able to suppy 2 100mbit servers with no worries abut space or bandwidth.
  5. current additions of polls = 99% hmmmm well anyways gta3 any day. the mood is so much better for multiplayer
  6. heh. ive been beta testing sp2 for a while now and ive noticed no problems with it and MTA. only annoying thing is the popup window asking if you want to allow MTA this can be easily fixed by adding it to the allow list before running it no other problems though with running it over the net.
  7. here are some records for the car section. http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos ... ecords.zip all rules obeyed i believe. Distance = 11.95m Height = 4.91m Rotation = 388 easily broken. i have broken most of these myself but dont want to upload the movies they a bit bigger.
  8. w00tage anyways bout the news. makes a smile on my face woops there we go
  9. pretty damn nice lookin screenies, not the biggest jump but i commend u on the screenshots and doin it on the beach, as well as it being on a public server. VERY NICE
  10. lol it got moved from the gta3 section of the site.
  11. lol. a fraps file is an uncompressed mpeg file. to convert just chuck it into a mpeg to avi converter or use premier and do it the fancy way and choose all the compression settings.
  12. umm have u heard of a virus? ull find a virus in anything that is not real nowadays, or it could be someones irc botnet spreader. who knows. but dont download anything about mta unless its linked from this site is my idea.
  13. dear god. u ppl are lame chicks are for outside and for having fun with, not being jacked off ovr in a video game! now i can understand the chick skins for a joke, but i dunno. i have seen someone though running around with a chick skin, who knows whats goin on there.
  14. lol. some did respond saying they prefer gta3 but nothin about the mod for gta 3 i join in the yell *yell's "MTA DEVS!"*
  15. gta 3 is a great game, i think everyone agrees on that, and i think everyone agrees that we all are after an updated mod for it cause that would be beautiful, get the weopons and the character selection into gta 3, along with the playeranimations u already got, its gonna be crazy. i dont think anyone can make a firm judgement though on which is better, gta 3 or vice city. personally i believe gta3 on computer as its easy to run (controls) and vice city on ps2.
  16. well i got my new pc power play 2day. and guess whats on the dvd. mta and nows its the vice city version the printing happened at the time of mta 0.1 so its not 0.2 but still heya! still lookin through the mag for something that i could scan about it.
  17. the game is fine, but lag is due to the crazy bandwidth problems still happening and u cant expect much else on a game this size and scale. and as stated many times its still a alpha, its amazing that it crashes so little considering the time its taken to get this far. just beautiful i must say mta team i admire u
  18. trainers dont stop the health, just return it to 100 as said. it would be pretty hard to block that as u can pick up a health pick up which does the same job as the trainer just not as often. to completely remove trainers is practically impossible.
  19. heh the ufo dont fly but u can fly with it its called a bike straight ovr the top. thats how u fly with help of the ufo
  20. heh. true story read the freakin manual. it evn tells u that b4 u enter the forums dude!
  21. i agree on the congratulations and now egerly await 0.3
  22. YEY, U used my Silverado monster truck for an avatar, thanx nice work! well there is the one cop station i know of too, i dont htink hte others have cars on em.
  23. hehe 0.2 is coming soon, the time no one knows. but 0.3 is an improvment on 0.2 so im guessing game modes, character animation of walking. mabye evn synced time! (my personal wish)
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