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  1. I both work for me, But only sometimes. most of the time anyway...
  2. I have that exact ssame problem....
  3. And GOE Hassent even updated since there first realse. And Barna sed it would be realsed a month ago and when it didnt come out, I dint see you ppl bitching up a storm about it. (Thats becuase it wont be as good as MTA)
  4. God wants you to realese MTA On Sunday after Church So All the little kids here wont go suicidal. ....what? whats that you say?? Theres no school on Monday? I see.....
  5. I need ONE!! That Supports Textures! Not Like Kcows.... Something Similar to World Craft or as they calll it now "Valve Hammer Editor"
  6. I have a : Video card: Radeon 9000 pro prosessor: Pentium 4 resolution: 1024x768 I run gta3 between 57fps to 120fps in some areas mostly 71fps I will tell you the rest later (out of time
  7. Dont worry about it. Anyway on March 22,2002 (3/22/02) Grand Theft Auto 3 had not been released for PC yet. That came on May 21,2002 (5/21/02) So obviusely the year is wrong. And MTA are still doing a hard job.. This guy has done a harder job. But in the end MTA will probably rule gta online! Unless this guy stoped working on gta3 online mod. And Secretly shifted his online mod to Vice city (how? I dont know, maybe the VC dvd files or sumthing)
  8. It seems to me that the Compatition version of a online mod is very well done! VERY stable. I give it a 6 ot of 10 And MTA a 1 out of 10 But if the new version the make 0.3 will be better. Kind of weird how one person can do all of this and a team put togethere hasnt released one like it.
  9. Man i would have payed up to $55 for this mod. Working properly of course. Rockstar North missed out....
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