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  1. You need to finish the game or get all the packages. then it will be near the airport in the military base. Best way of getting it without the cop unifrom is get another chopper then land near the hunter only if the coast is clear. if there are troops near the hunter just go back and come again.
  2. pure deathmatch. that would be cool in gta3 world
  3. she's from Final Fantasy X-II the sig was made by my talented cousin
  4. [email protected] / beta-testing I have both GTA3 and vice city.
  5. Its good to see that you've fixed your caps lock button.
  6. Thanks blokker for telling me something I don't know!
  7. I think you should just make it a bugfix nad netcode improvment verison. and I really hope you will release it "in the next few weeks"
  8. could you give us more info about the new net-code idea. and why would it improve the lag?
  9. only bad thing about the current gui is that it doesn't remember my nickname which is very annoying.
  10. good job! "CAN I YOUSE A MOD OR SKIN THE MTA v0.3b?"
  11. Alt+tab then press the Windows key +L and login. Its a trick that works with XP
  12. I played and it worked great. You can see a screenshot in the screenshots forum.
  13. Alt+tab, click on send game request.. then alt+tab back into Gta3 and wait.
  14. Yes. syncing the car damage will cuase a lot of lag as the team said.
  15. This is a beta. the teams are optional
  16. choose your team and re-enter the game
  17. well, it works for me..
  18. for releasing this early beta. Its laggy, Its tricky to join a server, there are still many bugs, But its FUN thanks I can see that your mod is going to be great! good job! here is a picture I snapped from Havoc's gangsta swedish server with 12 players: That was fun
  19. this is what I got when I tried to join a full server:
  20. so... what about 0.3? <@IJsVogel|BUSY> uploading omgomgomgmog <@headfonez> GET READY GET READY GET READY GET READY GET READY GET READY <|silence|> :D <@headfonez> now is your time <[TGF]Morpheus> omg ^^ <@headfonez> to celebrate hahaha everyone in the room cheered!!!!! i installed ASE lol already some servers <@headfonez> the end of your celebacy <|silence|> how I can play with 1.0 the first time..! omg will tha server stand it? <|silence|> hope* HAPPY BIRTHDAY 0.3b <@headfonez> yeah [ka] join (#gta3mta) TusSk ([email protected]) (this is JuzZa) <@headfonez> thursday may 29 hi [ka] timestamp 8:00pm (29may03) <@headfonez> HISTORY MAKING EVENT edit (updating): <@IJsVogel|BUSY> MTA Information and uploading process: [uploading: 100%] - [Filesize 5.05Mb's] - Ready people.. it's going to be distributed <@IJsVogel|BUSY> RELEASE IN 2 MINS
  21. yes but you are the only one who registered with his email
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