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  1. i think the mta team have so strange fear of the number 4 thats why they took so long to release .3 and then dont like the number 4 so much they delay it by releasing 3.5
  2. LOL if they are rushing 0.3 i wonder how long it would take if they werent a year maybe?
  3. i havent tryd it on pc but on ps2 all u had to do is press the back button and accelarate. and u can do an endo too by just going fast press foward and brake and u had to press square i think that was handbrake or sumthin.
  4. LOL i cant believe people actualy took him seriously about the morse code
  5. how do u get her on the back of your bike?
  6. i got this that thing on my sig from raven soft forums
  7. 0.3 has been delayed too much you know 0.3 is version 0.3 its not 1.0 ITS NOT THE FINAL VERSION SO IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT i just wanna play some multiplayer ok enuff whining dont ban me
  8. it was discussed on the old forum. all the ones on this forum have been locked.
  9. ummmmmmmm what lucifer city mod?
  10. well if they want multiplayer top notch they would need a delay i wish
  11. Thugsta

    Read Me

    can you atleast open the screenshot forum... PLEASE?
  12. well b4 someone said they can sit in the back of the car but they cant get it to work when u drive when someones in the back or sumthin
  13. i bet ya when gta3t comes out there will be a bit of mta code in it
  14. im not saying they did copy mta but isnt it a bit supspicios how they all had all this time to bring out a mp mod and then the three come out very close to each other?
  15. two questions. Why is the mafia player running around that dumb bot thing? What is a dev bot and what do they do?
  16. well u actually spell it better and is gta3t out?
  17. well just deathmatch can get boring. atleast with ctw we will have a reason to run over each other
  18. i would like a vip game like this: There is a VIP on each team and they both show up on everyones radar. Both team spawn on each side of the city. Just say Team A has to get to team B's spawn site and vice versa. and if the vip gets killed there team loses.
  19. u can fly cars just like it was the helicopter but its hard coz it turns fast and stuff
  20. I WAS THE ONE THAT THOUGHT OF THE IDEA OF CTC!!!!!!! u want proof? here it is - http://www.forum.shockrealm.com/showthr ... eadid=1349 I posted that 21st February, 2003 04:14 AM GMT
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