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I subscribed.. If you send me spam I'd kill someone

ya you better not sell our email's as a fund raising scheme.. my account has been clean, and better damn stay clean, or i'll curse MTA and the ENTIRE crew to HELL. :evil::evil::evil::evil::x:x:x and stick with ggm :D otherwise, horray! finally accurate updates! :D

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seems to have problems with periods in the name. get a seperate account for mailinglists. also seeings as you posted your address on a web page, doesn't that mean a spider can come along, pick it up, and plop it down in it's web of spam address lists?

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Here is the new newspaper:

April 19, 2003

MTA 0.3b, Dedicated servers and more

Kent, the new guy who's working on the netcode, developed us a nice dedicated server which is 99% completed and can be used in Win32 environments (Windows). Currently he's working on the Linux version. The Win32 version of the dedicated server is currently supporting some things like UDP connection, specify: max number of players, gamemode and of course ASE (All-Seeing Eye) Support which brings us to a next level of serverlisting. Once MTA v0.3b is out, GTA3MTA will show up in ASE and you'll be seeing MTA servers which you can join. We've been testing with the dedicated server and the dedicated server showed up succesfully. We also made a timeout detection, if a player crashes, if it leaves without saying 'quit' to the server, the server will kick him one he gets a timeout, so that means: no problems with full servers of players who crashed. Things we're still not done with are shooting and walking. The walking tests turned out fine, except for some small errors popping up, we're fixing that right now. The shooting is still in development. We're expecting the release end of this month/early beginning of the next month. But remember, we'll try to make this as soon as possible, we're doing our best.

We're still gathering some (permanent) dedicated server hosts, so if you want to host a dedicated server of MTA, please!

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Well, I cannot subscribe either. Whoever wrote the code to "verify" email addresses has no clue what the RFCs actually say. An email address can have any character in it, except for "$", "%", and "@" (though it must start with a letter). Yes, even spaces are legal, as long as they are within quotes. For instance, here is one unusual but possible email address: a" ".!)))@domain.com

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