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  1. dun think this one is been said me=Arabic
  2. Congrats MTA...you've come a long way... and you have tons of time left...so make this new update the best it could be...i'll be here waiting until next year if i have to. You all should also wait...Don't rush them, they do need that kinda stuff. BTW: GO HOLLAND GO!!!! (euro2004)
  3. lol, eAi scared the crap out of him... dun think ur gonna be seeing his sorry ass around here any more...
  4. ya....i only downloaded this mod cuz u can store more cars in ur garage, but it crashes a lot...after 3-4 mins playing..and it crashes...so do u think u can make a seprate mod where u can store more than 3 cars in a garage? thx
  5. sweet vid dude...u let the text go on for a lil too much..i know u wanted to match the music...but u should filled it in with some more clips....great music tho...
  6. Some of the feature : 96 Players All Animations synched 70+ Player Models ingame choosable Choose **** * ***** (***** **** *** ***** ***********/*******) **** **** * **** ***** Ingame menu Ingamechat (10Lines+LOG) ingame console Menu in more than 9 languages Scoreboard (+Extra Informations) New speedometer Ingame serverlist + WebServerlist Server [Pasword protected + Remote server Access with WebInterface] Synched Weather/Time choosable more than one guy in one car this might be more than we expacted from darcoblue....is that guy still working alone...wow...impressive.
  7. nope 96 player support....thats freaky...if u think about ...ur playing with 5 % gay men, 10 % old geeks, 20 % pure geeks, 2% girls, and the rest are cool guys!
  8. lol...he dousnt wanna show his face anymore around here...which kinda good cuz we dun bs spreading around...i think he was just trying to get some attantion....on other thoughts : maybe he died in a car accadient!
  9. vccm...just came out http://www.gtavicemods.com/mods/438
  10. newbinator

    MTA League ???

    hey dealer...since u came in here...u been making complaiments over and over again...u better get urself togther man...and stop creating 20 topics for every post....jeez man..u annoy me so much
  11. you dun have to create two topic for every time you wanna post sumthon...
  12. http://decans-auto.gta-action.com/
  13. i had the same problem too....but just reinstall vc
  14. r u deacoen from the car site... the guy with the virus??
  15. thats an really good place for that idea ....good choice for the setting
  16. newbinator


    donations are diffrent ... like if i pay to play MTA....thats called business and i guess thats illegal...but if i give money thats difff...... im just guessing
  17. newbinator


    ya ..maybe now we can have more space for the site...
  18. newbinator


    3 bucks can cover all of us... DO IT! *warning you WILL be homeless*
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