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  1. This window is hidden because it's very shitty to see everyday a pop up. This pop-up gives Draco the money to pay the Calculation for the Domain and the Traffic. It's not built into the PROGRAM GTAt, its in the Website... Please understand that GTAt don't win any money with this Action. Too it's only a LAN Beta Version to check the bugs... Thats not the final 0.5! Thank You, Trunkstom
  2. Hi Guys... No Fake, you know I'm beta tester and I've seen these things LIVE... And look at the movie, these are fakes? You're joking! GTAt 0.5 is very nice... If you think it's a fake, test it next time, release is near. PS: I don't know why you think it's a fake! Why GTAt need fakes?
  3. You can read the Interview with SpYder @ http://www.gtamp.de.vu under Columns... Or use this : http://www.gtatboard.de/wbboard2/hp_column.php
  4. Sorry this is not correct! All these features are by DRACO! GTA:WO don't see the code , and maybe a few users know why ... All these feature are in, SURE! And that's not all, these are the MAIN-Features, the really new features BURN so HOT . In the next Time you see a movie, but no movies/pictures with 96 players, for the closed beta test we have still 10 beta testers, and THIS IS ENOUGH... The netcode is BRANDNEW and allow some really nice new features. 96 players = NO LAG! But you need a good Server (Like 10/Mbit). Thanks for the Support. Believe it - or play MTA! Just my 2 cents...
  5. GTAt has a new URL/Domain & Design. http://www.gtat.tk ! There is an new Featurelist. There looks great and (@ the paper) its(0.5) top MTA 0.2 ! Draco say, there are some new confidential Features. We have to wait... Look @ the Page! Some Feature Examples: - Ingame Menu - 96Player Support - All Animations synched
  6. Trunkstom


    Nice Idea ... But, I see a Vote in the Board! In this Board the most users are against the "RPG" Unit in MTA, they want a DM and not a RPG with Register ...
  7. Sorry, you missunderstand my Post! 1. I don't hate MTA or YAMM or the Team Member 2. I don't think the MTA Team hate us 3. I think we're 2. MOD-Developer Teams they work for the best possiblest MP Mod for GTA Games ! 4. I talk about what I've seen in the last time! Not about that what I think... 5. I think some users "hate" or "dislike" MTA or GTAt and that's normal ... 6. I don't think the "size" is important ! I think the Tool is the important, and what the Developers do, say and promise ! @ Blokker That's not a WAR I want to leave these "stadium" of "THE ONE HATE THE OTHER ONE" I want that we can/help/support/respect us ! The users and the Teams! At most the TEAMS ! @ CRAY I don't think here is anything "Outer Control" ! The users can hear it, if you think it's important: o.k. . But I think that the Teams respect themselves! It's worst what the users think about ME, YOU or the TEAMS. Sorry but: I GIVE A FUCK for these one who say(ed) "GTAt is shit" or "MTA IS BETTER" and never played it! THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE PRODUCT = THE GTA MP ... Just my 2 cents...
  8. I don't think so ... But MTA = "BIG" GTAt = "small" A lot of Users think: GTAt "small", NO CHANCE FOR A GOOD MP MOD, LAGGY [some MTA Board Users / MTA IRC Guests / News Sites] MTA "BIG", A GREAT CHANCE for A BIG AND GOOD MOD [MTA Users, News Sites] ---> GTAt = "small", NICE, FRIENDLY; SUPPORTS COMMUNITY, FAST MTA = "bad", The Majors, doing all to destroy GTAt --------------------------------------------------------------- That's only what I have "seen" by a lot of Users/Sites in the last time, I don't think the same.
  9. News Update - Model Support Site related I can't acess the Site too... But the Board is ok @ http://www.gta3t.de.vu
  10. problem: time zones. not really ... We synch the data from new york(GTA3) and for VC = Miama I think ... But it's still an idea...
  11. Yeah, Problems with the huge Traffic ... Site now @ http://www.gtat-playing.de.vu
  12. I don't know if there other Problems as the Player Adresses... But that mean more time to code...
  13. Not long without Cars+Animations ...
  14. MTA is so laggy, i don't think you can say there are "Animations :lol:" but there have a nice Car-Support. But GTAt is working for that ... Hope for both... Hope for a better netcoding @MTA Site!
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