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  1. A: Only if you groom it. Q: Is it an ugly stone?
  2. A: Yes, we shall. Q: Paint it like an easteregg?
  3. A: The fish swallowed it. Q: How to get it back?
  4. A: I can press it with my nose. Q: Do I have to blow my nose first?
  5. A: Yes we most definatly should. Q: Isn't the moon made out of cheese?
  6. Lol Aeron is getting owned in his own thread.
  7. Congratulations... I got it on my first try, though.
  8. Lol so rude... @Jani: Goodjob getting it to work man.
  9. A: Only if the entry-price is free. Q: Do I have to buy a ticket for the funeral?
  10. Congratulations XeneX. You're not getting a gift of me, though. Although I am a veteran. It's cause I am cheap like that.
  11. A: No. You should have thrown the dart at the hanged person. Q: Throw a dart in his/her buttocks?
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