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  1. Oh damn this brings back memorys, my first memory was with mad_boy i believe on some gta modding ircchannel, he said something i can't remember and i joined first beta of mta:vc. I remember running around at that club that starts with like m or something, then everyone would camp at the cars and just blow everyone up and then you crash and joins again and damn, that was so fucking fun. Then with Thargore and his huge jump over those cars in some beta later damn, that was so fun to watch. I also remembers all the bad stuff i did back then in 2003, a stuntmovie that was in slowmotion all the time, my grammar was just wrong, well it still is but not as bad as 2003. I know i should remember some more but i'm too tired to think, there was atleast two more people i knew from that irc that started to play mta:vc at the same time, don't know if i'm sure but i think one of them was gamefreek lets just blame that i'ts 05:34 in the morning so i'm too tired to remember. Now when i got this emmotional i can't remember why i started to get pissed at mad_boy we rubbed eachothers all day long before, well maybe not exactly.
  2. 44 first time and i suck at spelling in english
  3. HAHGHAHA YOU MAKE ME CRY TWICES ;D;D;D;DD;d edit: if you are not at the banlist, ARE YOU SURE IT'S YOUR SERVER? ;P *still laughs*
  4. sm|slash

    Team America

    AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS Edit: Team America - Everyone Has Aids.mp3 | 1:15 hihihihihihihihi
  5. that movie was made for newgrounds.com so kontraband is gayness number 1
  6. 21:23:01 +Rob86_Server › im not into girls 21:23:13 +Rob86_Server › im into men
  7. __deleted post__ yep, i missunderstand some stuff ;P
  8. im sorry for my really bad camera, but this is my computer ;> 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 1024MB DDR RAM 240 GB hdd (160+80) 5 fans (3 with the colors, green, blue and red) 2 nice glowing things (both blue) Radeon 9600 something, also with 256 mb ram on it (its really bad, trust me ) and a fan controller + dvd and dvd burner (the fan controller you cant see on the picture, but it glows red and blue ) Added one more (now you can see the green fan down right)
  9. like i said, include all forum pictures in the program, then its only text it need to load (not much, but some)
  10. hey add this after my weapon "cus it looks like a gay axe looking knife"
  11. i dont know if you allready has this but heres some suggestions: 1. Download all the images from the forum, add them up and change in the little program that all "xxx.xxx.com/xx/xx.jpg" should be a picture in the images, with this it should load like shit fast if all the images allready is there 2. would be cool with a bar where you can choose forums 3. maby a button like "the newest thread/psot
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