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  1. Hehe cool vid rebel I like the music personally go Disturbed. Very funny to watch, good luck with exams etc greetz to everyone on the forum. Jugs
  2. Juggernaut


    Or just go to the store, which doesn't need any winrar
  3. watched it, it's ok i like the music
  4. lol no idea, i think it was a websearch. Cant remember too long ago but joined the community since gta3 first alpha release and been testing alot in those times for the team and even became part of team as a smelly tester and irc kicker. I miss those old days. hugs
  5. (yes jug on the forums, it's a miracle) would be cool if the link would be working
  6. 1 screenshot says Juggernaut entered the game my class m8 came to me 2 days ago.. he saw it
  7. heard of this bug before i think this happens when some1 joins.. chooses his character and then his client crashes and he get stucked and havnt been spawned
  8. dude it's just a joke go play with yourself if u dont like it and stop bitching
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