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  1. How about makeing the r-launcher take out a vechle whit 1 shot but only makeing it burning and if u shoot whit a rocket at a player he takes 50 dmg and the fire reloading time should be like 6 - 7 seconds and PSGI 25 dmg on the body and 75 in the head and for the regular sniper 50 in the body 100 in the head
  2. erm yeah its becayse of the mta 0.4 its like both clientes in one
  3. KoRvEn


    Yeah thats some good shit over there but plz we need game play modes like for example King of the hill - Take over a random building like in the corner it will come a meassage like - Blue team defendes (building) red team assault (building)
  4. Complains 1. It crashes almost every time i die and choose a character thats all
  5. why ban them i mean i understand kicking them for heli killin but why spaz its meant to be there and meant to be used i know its lame but its a part of the game
  6. i dont remember but it think it was from a swedish Gta Site
  7. well it would be a little boring sto play like 2 players on one server as the map is 4 times bigger than vice city
  8. can someone highlight the sentence where he makes a point plz...
  9. i have a problem i recently installed the 1.1 patch and when i play MTA, if they are robbers they spawn ass random characters and all dots on the map is yellow. I need help heres a screen explaining the problem http://img53.photobucket.com/albums/v16 ... en-489.jpg Couldnt post in the Problems & Bugs forum
  10. I know about the smothness improvement but what other features will it be?
  11. I have zonealarm and it works whit no issues att all
  12. Plz iamin need for it 2 cant anyone make one?
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