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Secret Spot

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I dont know why im saying this (Cuz its my secret i shown with other mta players) but there is a hidden door to go in a building next to lovefist. I wont say where the door is (then it wont be secret anymore) but other people Probably know about the spot too.

Its NOT the Easter Egg Room if thats what you're thinking.

I hid there if someone is chasing me or if they're using trainers that give them Inf.Health, All guns, etc...[/img]

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If u mean the doorway that has some stairs inside it where the lovefist limo is usually parked in the single-player game then thats hardly 'hidden' its the front door that has a hotspot to trigger the mission storylines in solo play. To enter the studios interior you must use the mta hotspot placed a little down the road on the concert hall steps. It is a bit of a maze in there tho i warn you :)

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haha I know where the seceret spot is :D

I seen cudda kane opps sorry cudda kine in there when I was hunting him down!!!

it's pretty cool to hide if some ones after you and then your in a building with no way in :lol:

want me to tell you guys where it is 8)

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Man that ain't no 'hidden spot'! It was the first thing I came to notice when I firsted played MTA VC. That even includes the bloodring and the Hotring which I noticed later. :?

Besides the MTA team created those pink markers so you can easely enter the LoveFist studio's. Only they never said anything about it. :P

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the hotring is in mta:vc? and you don't mean the dirtring?

do you mean the place behind malibu or somewhere else?

i know you can teleport from the lovefist stage to the lovefist studio but that isnt the secret spot is it? at least it's not a hospital...

whatever, next month is soon and then my damn 3gb limit will reset so i can play again :lol:

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if there's someone using a trainer i usually get off that server and try to report it to the admin cuz i hope someone would report it to me if that hapened on my server. the hidden door thing, in a legit game does seem pretty cool.

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this has nothing to do with gta vc but have any of u been to "ghost town" in gta3.(its the opening scene at the begining of the game :)) its preety cool exept u cant land on the ground :cry:

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