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  1. Name: Wally Server: Offical MTA Server Cheating Way: Speed hack with a Packard, Ran people at super speed and sometimes went off map. Admited he was cheating, Later on he used god mode and water cars.
  2. Lock please.. this is gettin no where..
  3. May i Fuel inject? If you have any old MTA Verisons Sitting on your computer and it's still linked to ASE disable it and Reroute it to the new MTA 4.1 thats what happend to me..
  4. I had that Same problem.. it just stopped... really odd..
  5. First off.. Im back. .After my Hd Stopped working as of october.. Second, My Servers been offline cus of Empty Ips << Like that and as we all know The Little piss ant running around flooding and crashing servers and giggleing like a little school girl every time he dose it... i just wanna say.. he sucks. When the MTA patch comes out. I will Get my Server back online... hopefully i can add a few more spots, it was 8 maybe i can upgrade it to 12. and i will learn how to use IRC scripts. *There not that hard to learn but iv been putting it down* Id might wanna make it VIP.. or Manhunt.. i don't know ill host a small poll.. or ill pick. Ok im done Rambleing .. See ya later ~Wido~
  6. didn't get up! For some Reason the Ip was allways So eather i screwed something up or my Router hates me
  7. I got that Game off Kazaz. pretty fun
  8. Mta Server update.. read my First post.
  9. Time zone, New York. Wolfenstine sever was a bust. didn't have a Dl link for the Map. Ill be hosting MTA server at 8 o clock.. ending at 2 am or more.
  10. I hope i spelled that right. Anyway today is the day where ghosts and gouls come out and yada yada, thats kids stuff. So in light of this day. iv decided to host 2 servers one for Wolfenstine: ET with the map Reserrection and one MTA total death match. with the blood and the volence and the OMG DON'T KILL ME!! ya get it? Update: Wolfenstine server: Over (Time Expired) MTA Deathmatch Server: *Mta Server Software update in progress* Mta: Failure: Empty Ip Code.
  11. or make it rain One Drop of Water hits the Car.. BOOM! so all over, when it rains Somedude: uh oh it's raining Prouser: AHHH ONE DROP DESTROYED MY CAR! N00bsmasher: All the cars are explodeing around me!! IM FREAKING OUT!. Somedude: QUICK! get in that van thats under that tree! *all get in* Somedude: ok! maybe i can outrun the rain! he we go! *Drives out / Explodes* Somedude has died Prouser has died N00bsmasher has died.
  12. This Sunday.. If we are lucky.. Maybe.
  13. I run a Small RP/Stunt/ Box boat Server sometimes at night.
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