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  1. thanks for your help, uk was actually one of the ones i got kicked out of lol
  2. Does anyone else get it in the neck all the time I do, when something goes wrong you get branded a cheater? either MTA did something screwy or the person is just bent. It's ridiculous at least once a day I get called a cheater, despite me getting killed left right and centre. I don't cheat but people can't shoot for sh** and then you end up getting kicked because of some idiot who can't take being shot. is anyone else bugged by that stupid run right up to you and shoot you with the shotgun, what happend to a good old gun fight not this crappy run around you like a moron and i cant see you because you're on dial up and lagging like hell!
  3. Well this is it at the moment no textures as of yet, im going to get hold of enter the matrix and rip em from there
  4. Well I'm going back to work on making the castle from matrix 2 if anyone is interested il post an image to show how far i've got
  5. [email protected] When i was in my stinger he was in a black gang van (cant remember the name) but the one in the robbers spawn, and he was outpacing me conciderably when we started very close together, and i know stinger isnt as fast, anyway he ended up jacking my car, and i got in as passenger and then he proceeded to fly the car like a maniac anyway i have a screenshot of us being in the air at a conciderable altitude if anyone wants it
  6. I have read everything, and if you read my post properly you will find that I did not say do not have MBL i stated give people the ability to choose, choice is something that you seem to have been against.
  7. Is it possible to remind people that if everyone starts disliking MTA because of a master ban list then few people will play, after all you are making MTA for others to play, but if you put in things that upset everybody then no one will play an there will be no point in making MTA. Also it seems to me that if anyone seems to be making some kind of comment they can looked at as some kind cheater and then get flamed, its become ridiculous like some kind of witch hunt dont any of you believe in free speach? Again I say have two types of server cheating and non cheating, this is what battlenet do for diablo they have open and closed servers, open is for cheating, what if 50% of ur MTA users come under your definition of cheating then that means you are denying a significant number of people the ability to play something they enjoy, after all how can you impose your way of doing things upon everyone else (apart from the fact your making MTA) for all you know 90% of ur users might like "cheating" of some manner. Hold a huge poll and ask ur users what they would like, isnt that the point of having discussion boards? And i would like to clear the texture thingy up, wheel sizes are defined by the GTA collision files moifying a texture or even the whole model will not affect the collision files, it is these files they say how big the car is, just because ur car takes up 200 pixels on screen an ur collision file says ur car is 250 pixels then you will be driving around a big chunk of nothing and when u crash you will see the nothing crashes too. Speed of the car is defined by a sperate file. I know this because I mod things, And if anyone calls me a cheater, I havent been playing MTA since version 0.1 Perhaps you should give people the ability to what they want and then your problem will lessen greatly, there will always be cheaters but if people get what they want and the rest of the community is ok with that then what's the problem? and somebody hold a poll about open or close server option
  8. I dont know how feesible it would be with all the loaing, but if anyone saw the fzero commercial were they had the track wrapped around the whole city, someone could build the track get a few modified cars (max speed upto 1500 kmh) and you can race around vice city, course it would greatly decrease driving times around vice wouldnt it!. Perhaps if someone could be bothered you could use scaled down models to give the illusion of being in vice when ur somewhere else, those who have messed about with moo mapper will know what i mean
  9. good thing about HL2 being leaked is that you wont have to wait ages for a mod to come out, and maybe they will only change stuff for security so you could make some really amazing mods, you have the source code, I doubt they will change too much of it as far as the game goes but modding wise this is one of the best things that could have happend. well perhaps he will leak the next finishe code for half life and set us back another 3 months!
  10. death_entry

    My 2 cents.

    dont think u mentioned it above but could u make peoples names a different colour based on what team they are on that way it wont matter so much that u couldnt see who it was, dont matter who u kill if they aint on ur team
  11. I like using modified cars and im sure everybody else does, so would it be possible if people nominated cars they would like to be allowed in a community mod pack which then will become the standard set of cars in the game, or perhaps the servers will allow the use of different community approved mod packs, which could all be installed by VCMM as you cant change the files once they are created (but i dont think you can have multiple cars in one install) and they going into the right place.
  12. I dont know where this should go so if its in the wrong place can somebody move it. I would like to do some racing but I havent really found suitable places to do so, especialy if you like to use modified cars which can be driven at high speeds. I wanted to construct a freeway similar to that in the matrix reloaded: they made their own freeway and it was a circle, can somebody buit such a thing coz that way you get an endless track for racing, if its big enough (dont know how big) then you could have the illusion of it being completly straight perhaps you could be teleported to it so you only load up the track and nothing else so it can be very big. I tried building it myself but i dont exactly know how moo mapper works i can get the 3d shapes into it but then it crashes. I would like to finish the (or even start) but I have just started my 2nd year at uni and have far too much work to do, so perhaps somebody else could develop this idea.
  13. I dont if its possible but could change the weapons that can be used on motorbikes eg shotgun? or is it hard wired into the program. I did manage to change it but all that did was change the weapon model but it fired like an uzi etc Also I was thinking that each character class should have a set of skins to choose from so the cops can choose SWAT, FBI etc
  14. Im a 2nd year uni student computing student so i understand the complications of programming especialy when you have to probably need to know whaere the game is loding itself into the ram etc, I was wondering what needs to be done for the walking animations for id think it would be a priority to get them sorted because when you're trying to shoot somebody you can't really do it properly because you cant aim at where he has gone to. Would it be possible to have some kind of indication when the walking anis would be finished?
  15. Personly im not a cheater but some people might want to set up servers where cheats are allowed, this may seem a pointless thing to do but if they want to play VC in that way then let them get on with it, perhaps they can develop an option to turn things on and off.
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