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  1. Going to sound like a right fan boy here, but im obsessed with playing it. I love the unpredictability of the races, i love the tight corners where everyone flies off the cliffs. Also looking forward to DM but this is keeping me more than happy
  2. thanks for what its absolute rubbish jax,s rumble is better we installed and ran it for 30 mins absolute drivel i cant belive they fetched out a gay race mod before deathmatch omg dissapointed and the whole clan oh and did i mention we all uninstalled after 3o mins and reinstall RUMBLE were going to stick with rumble until you noob get some decent ideas toghether i mean work on bigger map and vehicle wepons synched and guns honest guys work on rumble improve that its almost there cant belive i waited with excitement for a dissapointing gay race mod ffs Good to see you go to be honest, your an imbarassment to the community.
  3. Nice work guys! time to reinstall SA i guess Woohoo!
  4. The same as i was going to guess expect a year later
  5. When i first saw it, it gave me a very refreshing feeling to see it has changed! nice work guys! /praiseoff
  6. If you was to get shot close up with a shotgun you'd have about 5% chance of survival yet they get up everytime? If people were having a gun fight would they hop around in circles till they shot one another? Seriously it is bad for your health to compare real life to a video game my friend....bad! Oh yeah, i believe you should be able to kill in anyway you wish in this game. Thats the beauty of it.
  7. They should be celebrating anyway, look at the mod they have made and the community they have created. Congrats!
  8. If you can only get one i suggest san andreas, look to the future and theres tons more to do in it even in single player.
  9. 32 people racing?! Awesome i can imagine the carnage now! lol
  10. Awesome will this "building feature" also carry on to the deathmatch mode? Also i think 350 object would be more than enough to play with! Woohoo, cant wait for the release!
  11. Just wow! able to add your own pieces to the map, that is just incredible! Awesome job guys! Just a question though, can you add an unlimited amount of pieces into the map or is there a limit to how much the server can take? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
  12. No one was actually reffering to the first version.
  13. It all depends on the ping of the other player also. Try this: enter a server where you will have a good ping and try to find another player with a less than 100 ping and always try to aim just a little in front of the way there moving. I havent actually played 0.5 but thats the way i got my kills during the older versions. Dont worry when the "Blue" core comes out we will have less of the jumping stuff!
  14. Oyst


    A new core im looking forward to the most! combined with the giant cliffs of san adreas=AWESOME!
  15. Armed you'll have to help me understand this one a bit mate, although im sure it would have its uses in say setting up clan battles but what use would it have during a normal DM? The problem that i could see coming up would be people being stranded in the middle of the map because of the lack of vehicles(there all in garages)? But for clan matches and setting them up it would be pretty cool.
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