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  1. We are just as good as the rest.... Better. Can't wait to whoop the finalists.
  2. I wouldn't mind either way. I want an old movie style blood fest!
  3. I give him extra style points for actually doing it in the sand which actually slows you way down on the PCJ.
  4. The grinds part totally reminds me of some crazy skate videos... Like that one in the grinds sectiong... The boardslide, then gap the second set... I have to say this video is brilliant.
  5. been trying to get to play... Unfortunately I have been very busy lately.
  6. http://www.vicecitykillaz.tk
  7. green1152

    MTA League ???

    ney, nice info. It stretches out the page...
  8. green1152

    i didnt see

    they just basically do cheatcodes automatically.
  9. doesn't this go in the suggestion box? Hey, look, I am pointing out the obvious.
  10. teamspeak works good, and this goes int eh suggestin=on box..
  11. I don't think there is a solid release date for the next MTA vice..
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