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  1. looks off the hook. loved the drive-by's. looking great
  2. Mikiro

    Chat Box

    yeah I like the way the chat is too. the only thing I would like to see different is a way to toggle it between different chat modes.
  3. my first memory of it had to be around when it first came out. only 2 player support and ya had to only be in cars. when a friend and I tried to play together and he joined the game, I fondly remember my car flying and spinning really high in the air we decided to wait to play till the next version. Yeah Prontera, I remember that one on one too. that was a good fight
  4. yeah, thats an idea. it would seem pointless to have someone taking up a slot just so you can play around in single player and talk to people. why not just play with them then
  5. people just have to stop comparing all of them. they are all different but workin toward a common goal, MP for SA. I am happy that all are working hard to help bring a gamming experience that is fun to us players. no matter what, the player wins in all this.
  6. looks good but cant say it will be the best till the others are out. even then, sure each will have their own benifits and flaws that will make each worth playing.
  7. is this topic even about what it was suppose to be for anymore?
  8. Im sure xerox will get around to saying if there will be another one or not. I would be up for it in like two weeks. been out for a long time and need to clean the dust off my skillz plus in the middle of playing SA so hard to draw my attention away from that.
  9. yeah now, GIVE ME CAKE!!!! COCO DEMANDS IT!!!!!!
  10. Yeah, sorry about the cancellation of the project. I'm willing to pick it up again but thats only if I can get my buddy to pick up the pencils of it and let me just worry about the writting. But right now he is doin some work for some resource books for Palladium. If anyone else thinks that they can do the penciling, then drop me an pm. Have to do a total re-write of the story(again!) cause I lost everything when my HD crashed(well, not my NWN stuff but thats just cause someone copied important folders in it). Anyway, thats where this project is. Not dead, just in stasis
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