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    2D Grafic Artist, Litle Programming(learning ;), SoF2, MTA, AR MOD (Mod 4 SoF2, m skinner), Tunning
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    many things

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  1. hehe ya ta fix mas uma coisa, tens de utilizar outo webhost pk a lycos realmente estraga a sena da pagina =D fike fixe Portuguese to english traslation: well looks good only lycos banners and that stuff is making look bad ur page!
  2. Portuguese Translation here ya go: random quote = citações aleatórias top = top or topo (i like more top =D ) weapons = armas last seen = foi visto variable = variável value = valor statistics = estatisticas favorite = favorito victims = victimas vehicles = veíclos has boosted a total of = robou um total de players have joined for a total of = jogadores juntaram para um total de games = jogos murders have been committed and = os assassinatos foram cometidos e suicides = suicidios cars have been boosted = carros foram roubados boosted = roubado times = tempos ( in meaning of hours ) or vezes ( in meaning of quantity) search = procurar home = casa previous = anterior next = seguir name = nome score = pontos kills = matança deaths = mortes by= por here ya go =D hope ur understand the times =)
  3. yes it is =D and yes i have a wheel on my pc =D whit manual stick =D and it rocks =D anyway post ur screens hehe =D
  4. hey ppl me back and striking hehe =D ok Need for Speed Undergroung Demo is out go download it =D then if u are a really fanatic, take a screenshot of ur best RECORD IN DRAG MODE!!!! here some links for download: NFS:Underground Demo [Gamershell Mirror] NFS:Underground Demo [Club Internet.fr Mirror] NFS:Underground Demo [NFS-Players.de Mirror List] AND OF COURSE STARTING WHIT ME HERES MINE =þ (i posted 4 but u only need 1 screenshot =D ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS WAS MY FIRST PRO RECORD UNTIL... =þ ... THIS =O IN THE FINAL MY RECORD WAS... 24.93 SEC DAMN IM PRETTY GOOD =þ =D ANOTHER THING THIS DEMO CAN BE PLAYED IN MULTIPLAYER TOO =D SO LETS MEET ON A DAMN BIG STREET =D
  5. DEMO OUT =D hehe and already got a new record! i will create a new topic to post yours records on DRAG gametype )D
  6. OMG ME LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOL that is a damn big joke lololololol GJ =D
  7. maybe he used fraps, becouse there are another ways but whit fraps its more fast =D
  8. ok after i install any new model for any car i recive this error: ANYONE GOT THIS ERROR TOO? OR ANyONE CAN TELL ME OUW TO RESOLVE IT???? anyway WHAT DVD?????
  9. hi =D well i want say one thing about this mod, never, never, but never use realistic textures for weapons models, they look bad and suck try make meshes ur self the skin it =D will be much better! another thing these topics is all about OTHER MODS so think a little =D
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