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  1. actually it was fun... somehow... whatever...
  2. actually exceeded it, because i can fly a bit down and not up again where i already was
  3. not that i would really care, but.... i think these 2 links need to be updated to work the way they are ment to work whatever... i should go to bed... it's about 32:23 i know that looks weird for a time-of-day... but it gets like this when you stay up too long
  4. the hotring is in mta:vc? and you don't mean the dirtring? do you mean the place behind malibu or somewhere else? i know you can teleport from the lovefist stage to the lovefist studio but that isnt the secret spot is it? at least it's not a hospital... whatever, next month is soon and then my damn 3gb limit will reset so i can play again
  5. kuraz


    are you sure you're in the right topic?
  6. control panel - power options - hibernate - uncheck "enable hibernation"
  7. kuraz


    i think he didnt mean the player-id from the server log but the number beneath the nick in the mta-client. which seems to be the number of times you have been killed. although it becomes negative sometimes, too...
  8. lan games... there it is! finally! still dont know where the 3rd port is for. 2003 is default server port. serverport+123 would be 2126 by default, that's for ase afaik. but the server listens to another port which changes each second... whatever, i know it works and others can see me, that's fine.
  9. sure. i'm behind a NAT-router. why else would i be forwarding ports?
  10. i have the same problem. i forwarded all three ports that the server seemed to be listening to (i typed netstat -aon and checked the PID in taskman). didnt work. ase says it doesnt support nat and stuff. maybe the problem is that the server wants to register on ase using the internal ip address instead of the public one.
  11. kuraz

    Cool radar trick

    it tells you about the home key but it doesnt tell you to hold it while going into the menu to get the fullscreen map and see the vehicles there. that's what he ment. (not that i didn't know this already *g*)
  12. i think this could be cool. even though i don't exactly know what it would be like... sleep well
  13. true. maybe the posts should be deleted or moved somewhere where they are not searched for by default.
  14. kuraz

    LAN Problem

    the only thing you could do is that one of you two makes the server, you forward the server port from the internet ip to the lan ip then you can play together and internet players can join. but that means more bandwidth will be taken.
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