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  1. hi. i havnet played MTA for a while. and need help on how to install 0.3 and its Fix. what dic do i put 0.3 in ( and its Fix ) what do i have to do after that? etc
  2. and the Config.cfg is where? ( and yes i got a PC )
  3. how do i GET It. what do i click on etc.
  4. what do i do? how do i get to the Note pad.
  5. it has its ups and downs but its okay. Good stuff..... new Weapons. new Cars. multi driveing. new areas? better netcode. bad stuff...... the Motocycle bug we all know about. when a passenger it gets laggy a bit. i hate that the Team thing aint even Teams. its bascily DM. there should be 2 modes ( atlest 2 modes ) in next version. DM and TDM. my F10 and F9 and all my Fs dont work ( i dunno why ) so it would be nice if we could config em. final score: 8 out of 10
  6. atlest make it less Confuseing. i have NO modifications on VC at all. not even extra Skins.
  7. man. i have the SAME thing. MTA should of stuck with the New game thing. not this Start game Sh*t.
  8. what will you guys ( the MTA team. ) Focus on in Next Version?
  9. mrdie


    wait for my new island, will be much better, maybe a idea for multipli city? okay. ill wait. but i like Da park to.
  10. mrdie


    ive seen my friend ride the ( Invis Road ) and it didnet Crash me. maybe itll Crash if i see the Stunt Park. but not the Road.
  11. mrdie


    my friend use it, the DA park add on. he said that it didnet do anything cept confuse ppl. he thinks MTA should add it though.
  12. mrdie


    are Map add ons ( Da park is one. ) allowed? im thinking about useing it in MTA. off topic: can someone lists ALL the inprovements in DA park.
  13. so it can be used for Teams. RP. and Stunt for Cash type of Games. i like it!
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