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Vehicle Location Map MTA:VC 0.1


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I just whipped this map up real fast..I know it's huge but I'm sure you can live with it. It's big so you can see the locations in better detail.. Be patient when you're waiting for it to load.

If you find any errors or missing cars, PM me, email me, IM me, or talk to me on IRC to tell me about them and I will fix them.

The Bloodring Cars are not on this map! There are 4 Bloodring Bangers in the Bloodring.


Thanks to Mr. Bump for hosting the map

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Why are there only vehicles on the right island. If you lose your car in downtown, it SUCKS!!

This was done by me, and has proved to be one of the mistakes /miscalulations I have made regarding the carplacement. I figured that people woul see that the western island harldy has any vehicles and therefore would decide to stay at the eastern island. I now know how wrong it was to assume this, and I promise cars and pickups will be more balanced next release. -Don't ask when. =P

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  • MTA Team

to find all vehicles, activate the car scanner (usually home key, it is the same key as to change the camera position) press this key when walking and keep it pressed down. Now press escape and go to the VC map, you may now release the home key and will see all vehicle locations

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The cars not being on the other side means that racing is more interesting! If we race out to the Airport from Malibu Club and someone gets a busted car, it's a long walk or a dance with a grenade :shock:8)




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