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    lol sorry if this is a really dumb question, i havent played MTA since it was in its early development but, can u actually be a hooker?? i thought it was just cops, robbers, mexicans etc
  2. lol aint that an official statement from the MTA team... just edited a Slight bit (cough!!)
  3. LOL!!! No, i didnt wanna start a conspiracy dude.... heh heh.... i just thought id say that since we answered all his questions Youd be suprised how much boredom can do to your mind!! From saying stupid posts to other stuff lol You can get back to the subject heh
  4. well..... dont you like chicken....??? how could someone not like chicken....chicken tastes like everything so... that means u wouldnt like anything.... which means you would die of starvation.... just a deep thought by a bored person
  5. Awesome.......... Just Awesome (brings a tear to my eye) It seems that people still walk weird tho.... will people still walk weird in 0.2???
  6. This is killin me heh.... Just thought id make this cause im so bored right now... lol MTA:VC 0.2 Memory: Gameplay: ::::::::.. ::::::::..
  7. On the character selection screen i see that every single character has its own enemies. Does that mean that you will now be allied with the people that arent your enemies??? or does it mean that now there are finally gangs in MTA, like the gangs are Mexicans, Sailors, Vice City Crusadors, or Cops??? or is it the Free 4 all it used to be??? - From your average confused person Also Congrats to the MTA TEAM... Those screen shots kik ASS!!!
  8. Your new post on the news column with all the screen shots failed to address probably the most frequent question in the forums. Will cheaters still be able to use trainers while playing MTA?? Or will the Vote Kick be the only real way to get rid of trainers?? Also, Congratultions to The MTA TEAM... expecially bout the occupation cop robber thing (that is awesome)
  9. I have killed a cheater who must have had the all weapons cheat on but not the invincibility cheat on, guess he thought it would justify the whole thing, lol I killed him and ended up with all his weapons he had cheated to get which was the chainsaw, sniper rifle, Assault Rifle, stuff like that It is possible that people could think I was the one cheating when someone else was so you should be able to swear on anything hes a cheater
  10. is this just for cars, or is it for bikes and helicopters as well will 4 people be able to get in a car and each do a driveby out of their own window
  11. It was already mentioned by IJSVOGEL, something about banning ip addresses of these people. When will they start to ban people. But there should be a way to make SURE they are cheating before you ba them, cause some ass falsely acused me before. Then I ended up being banned from the server for a day. The ass who accuseed me was actually the one with the trainer, but made it impossible for me to argue since he must have been copy pasting his statement that i was cheating over and over again. Would someone from the MTA TEAM plz clarify if there will be an anti-trainer in the patch!!
  12. Who gives a shiot if shes a whore man jeez... Dont know how much bucks id pay for that bitch DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!
  13. Ok, cool now i dont have to check the websites every 3 hours to see if the patch is done lol
  14. what does this screen mean at the website??? MTA:VC 0.2 Memory: :::....... Gameplay: ::::...... Does it hint at when the next patch is gonna be finished?? When the bars are full, will the patch be finished??? Or does it mean something else
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