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  1. Thanks for the updates you've given the community. I just wish you'd been around earlier, during the heydays.. When the team decided to abandon the old core, we were left with a mod that couldn't be fixed by scm alone, and soon frustration began to take the better part over motivation. I applaud your efforts, and hope you enjoyed working on this unique modification. Tinkering with the worlds of gta is always interesting, and no doubt a great learning experience. regards to everyone on the team! i hope you are all ok
  2. Good job on getting it fixed again. =) Happy New Year everyone!
  3. Thought I'd drop by to see how the guys are doing, and whaddaya know? It's out! Good job guys, going to be an interesting release as well since gta4 mp is a bit heavy for most current machines. I hope this project gets the attention it rightfully deserves! Again, well done.
  4. Opening the main.sc file in notepad shows around 250 lines of code. I'm quite certain that is not the scm we know. And the script folder is empty *shrug*.
  5. I know you've been active with scm updates and looks like did a good job. However I can only send MTA material with the current teams approval, and they haven't decided to opensource 0.5.x yet. Even then, it won't do anyone much good if the same bugs resurface. You'd still need to work with a c+ coder and update the client as well.
  6. I've still got tons of 0.5 scm stuff laying about that you guys should include if you decide to open source that too. Resynching all the client memory adresses should put the vc/gta3 fans back in business.
  7. Cool, thanks. Those look like they might do the trick.
  8. Hey guys, I'm wondering if the opcode 0364=2,HAS_CHAR_SPOTTED_CHAR is working in MTA with players, or if there's an equivalent of this. I got this idea for a gamemode, but it kinda relies on that function to work.
  9. Hey guys, got a minor issue here, but I thought I'd point it out anyway. I was playing classic deathmatch, and found that vehicle drivers are allowed driveby shooting by default (mouselook enabled), which is fine, but I have problems controlling the vehicles at high speeds while looking around with the mouse. I found out that if you enter a vehicle with no weapon selected (well, bare hands) you can change the camera to classic GTA modes (follow car direction or whatever) but not when you have a gun as active weapon, then the 'change camera' key simply doesn't seem to work. Also it takes longer to exit a vehicle when you have no weapon selected and the camera set to the default GTA 'behind vehicle' mode, not sure why this is... you're locked in the car much longer than when you have for instance a tec-9 selected before you start driving. This makes it harder to avoid the explosion your car tends to make. Looking forward to the full release
  10. \o/ Well done guys, it's truly amazing to see this mod come this far. I'm going to see if I can find some time to play around with the gamemode editing soon. Keep it up
  11. Perhaps one day, when the new core is released the old core will be made open sourced. There's a lot of updated stuff I'd gladly hand out to whomever wants to take it from there. Obvious problems and questions arise in doing that though, so I would not hold my breath for the MTA team to do that. Multiplayer functionality in GTA3 should not be left unattended, the game deserves it. It's pure GTA. edit: uh-oh, I hope an admin fixes my avatar info before people read this, as it is slightly out of date.
  12. I like this one: It's clean and simple. Though I would like to see it using the 3 gta fonts from this one: Which is also a good banner, nice idea using the 3 fontstyles.
  13. lol, looks like they really did their homework oh well, all publicity is good publicity they say.
  14. Just a few things, then you can lock it First of all, many things were tried to fix the biggest problem in MTA:VC, the desynchronisation. I've rewritten the entire scm twice, and tweaked the code numerous times to adress the problem, but it the bug stayed persistent. This bug is in direct relation to the random crashes which plagued MTA:VC from the start. Fixing the crash would produce desynch, which is exactly what happened with 0.5. This does not become apparent quickly when you test with 4~5 people, and most of the work (and research) for 0.5 had been put into the GTA3 side. This is something most people do not know or realise. Although the bug was caused by the scm, there was no apparent way to fix that big bug in 0.5 without rewriting (parts of) the client as well, something the client developers were reluctant to do since they were in fact already (re) writing the entire client (BLUE). There would have been an update for 0.5 if we had been able to guarantee less bug/issues. Just fixing the armor bug and adding (some really cool ,btw ) features would not have done the gameplay experience any good, and would probably not be welcomed at all before the real issues had been resolved. and btw: I'm not gone, just inactive untill I can work on gamemodes for the blue platform.
  15. trx

    Video Memory Shit

    Sometimes you can specify in the BIOS how much RAM (memory) should be converted to (onboard) Video RAM. If you are unfamiliar with changing BIOS settings, do not attempt it. Ask someone to do it for you. Or simply buy a graphics card.
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