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  1. screw this, no matter what I do, it crashes.
  2. that seems like alot of work..Ill give it a go tho Thanx
  3. LOL I figured that out!! didnt see it down there, but now it says my game has been modified..WTF?? I just did a fresh install
  4. My game wont join a MTA server, it goes directly to the normal game
  5. I installed the new MTA mod, and when I click on new game, it goes directly to the game, not the mod. What am I doing wrong??
  6. If MTA itself has a voice over net thing, I think it could lag the game..just use a 3rd party software like TS
  7. Might I suggest a boxing ring?? No need for the gloves, just a ring like in UFC (ultimate fighting championship) King of the ring. That should be fun
  8. LOL Ive played it soo much I pretty much know all the locations by heart
  9. All it needs for chat is an individual line for each new chat entered..like in MOH of BF, I hate posting something just for it to flash for 1/2 a second only to be over written by "player killed player" For voice chat get rogerl wilco, or team speak
  10. sure bud u can add me to ur msn or aim list if u have it, lemme know if u wanna do that
  11. How do u edit it??? I wanna know please
  12. Ok so here more stunts from me. SPECIAL THANX TO INFUSION AND WHIZPERZ
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