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  1. I'm using Mandrake9.2, not a single problem at all. Only sometimes when i shut the server down, and start it shortly after it tells me it couldn't bind to socket... If i wait a while and kill some processes, it works. nice job :> SeBsZ
  2. I had that Incompatible Version error all the time, i just tried some other servers and it worked in the end, yes it was a 0.3 server (official Wojje network server). Anyone knows why that happened to me? SeBsZ
  3. Hi, I am getting a crash everytime, I'll tell you when: When i launch the game, and the game loads, and i get to the character selection screen, i can choose a character and it works. Any character. However, when during game i get shot or killed and I am back at the character selection screen, ANY character i choose this time crashes the game. Yes, I wait a while for everything to load. It happens every time. Can someone help me? SeBsZ
  4. I just think it will be San Andreas. Most convincing to me is that in gta1 there were 3 cities, liberty city, vice city, and san andreas.. It just HAS to be that. Next the domain is registered, and on the helicopter in vice is written something like SA151204 I am not sure what the exact thing is but it would mean San Andreas 15 December 2004... and what happened, it comes out in the last quarter of 04... something like that SeBsZ
  5. I downloaded 0.2.2, made my own server. Put it on stunt server mode. Joined it. Started a game. Halfway loading : BOOM . Also this is annoying crash, it doesn't give the unhandled exception error, it just crashes and forces me to restart the computer. NOTHING worked, not ctrl+alt+del not alt+tab, not "windows" key. Very nice job guys... erm how do i fix this?' SeBsZ
  6. haha sarcasm... its just too funny!!
  7. probably it doesnt affect game play.... and they told us they would remove color codes.... bad boys!
  8. HOLY fuc*in COW!!! THOSE STUNTS ARE AMAZING! LOOK, I FOUND A FEW MORE, THEY LOOK IDENTICAL: url: http://www.wahsfdad.asco/asfasdfwefra.asfd AND ANOTHER ONE: url: http://www.sdf341.com/234/12/4252/losd.ghia I THINK THEY ARE AMAZING, WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?? WE SHOULD MAKE A WHOLE COLLECTION OF THOSE HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH p.s that was funny wasnt it?
  9. Hahhaha cool... buy a new card if it is a real problem!
  10. Isn't that a secret? If you think about it, it is actually very easy... anyone else wants to tell him?
  11. ya tgtadude, those negatives one were just friends.... you kept shooting them! I know what ur doin! SeBsZ (im a friend of gtadude, however, i wasn't in the game )
  12. Why do all they others have to pause and disconnect? I am the one disconnecting! The others just continue playing as if nothing happened, but the NEXT time they die or fall in the water, and they get to the character selection screen, they will see dead characters in that screen!
  13. Hehe, actually i used the transporter, not the jetpack... Come on guys, I am trying to have fun and you guys all give me nasty comments. There is another topic, started by LoL, and there all of you say how nice and how funny his pictures were.... i was expecting the same reactions from you but i obviously didn't... sorry guys if i heard your feelings, SeBsZ By the way, if you want to see LoL's topic, click http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3867&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  14. What exactly do you mean by that?? Dont get it, sorry
  15. ME, I don't think you "closed" this thread.... try again
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