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  1. As far as I know phpbb3 uses the phpass framework. MD5 has been considered insecure for many years now. Any site still using it might as well simply use plain text.
  2. ah..search it by my email address The reason why you can't reset an account is because there is no e-mail attached to most accounts. So you want me to search by a non existing e-mail account? The e-mail for these accounts were already set Sniper and Walid, your e-mail adressess were changed and an e-mail should have been sent, if you do not receive it, let me know and i'll do a manual password reset.
  3. I am unable to find a wiki user with that username
  4. that account has a gmail address attached to it. A name and 5 numbers
  5. If al you want to do is raise awareness of a bug then I have to agree. The bug tracker is not a forum and even on a forum people don't like bumping old posts for no real reason.
  6. For years we have been using openid as a login system to our wiki. Most OpenID providers have been ending their support or have moved on to newer versions. While we are planning to integrate the new OpenID Connect to our wiki we are also offering users a chance to recover their exisiting accounts. When we implemented OpenID we did so without requiring another valid e-mail address. Because of this most users in our wiki are without e-mail account. Therefore using the lost password feature is not an option. In order to recover your account you can simply post a request in this thread. There are however some rules because we do not want account hijacking. - Nicknames have to have a certain match between them - Forum account has to be at least of similar age as wiki account or older We will add your forum e-mail address to the account and use the lost password feature. So once we confirm here that your account has been reactivated, check your e-mail (including spam folder).
  7. community runs on a different box hosted with hetzner, not ovh. It had a small hardware failure and needed some repairs.
  8. first off: assumption is the mother of all f*ckups. We don't use apache and therefore we don't have a .htaccess second: the /wiki/ subdir is something that mediawiki does by default. Blame them, not us. And why does it even bother you? Typing in wiki.multitheftauto.com in your browser takes you to our wiki. After that it's all just bookmarks and/or copy/paste.
  9. But what was a great idea? The fact that we take the hit when someone wants to attack a server (and spent thousands of euros/dollars/pounds/...) on it, money we do not have as well as increase latancy for anyone anyway because they would have to proxy trough our servers? Or the fact that you can use a name instea of an IP (something that is perfectly possible: )?
  10. Further more, i have been told by multiple people that when you type a domain name in the quick connect bar instead of an ip, the client will resolve the domain and connect. So the image in the OP is also wrong. It does work.
  11. DNS names already get resolved with the protocol handler. If they don't get resolved in the quick connect bar, file a bug report please. There is also no need or no advantage for us to set up an infrastructure to get a something.mtasa.com . It would even get confusing to players because they will beleive that if a server has an .mtasa.com domain that it is something official from us.
  12. As has been stated, this offers 0 protection. DNS does not hide anything, it is just a way to translate a name to a number like a phonebook. You can even browse that phonebook. see: http://jupiter.modpro.be/dns.png . Phonebook browsing on the left, tools let you even decide which phonebook (i used opendns here). An online tool for DNS checking on the right The only way to take the load off a server would be to hide it behind another system like a proxy. But than the proxy would become the target of any potential vandal so you are just shifting the problem. Even if you did not use DNS, but MTA added it's own alternative, in the end the client, your game, still has to connect to that server. You can than find the IP of that server by simple tools like netstat (available in every OS) or by more complex tools like wireshark.
  13. Blokker_1999


    Apparently I've got a ban for the same reason, except mine didn't have a backdoor. They just assumed it had backdoor because it was compiled. The administrators here are lame. I do think that insulting the admins might not be the best way to resolve such a situation.
  14. you need a syntax highlighter like geshi: https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtop ... 0&t=564569 . Note that the [lua] tags our board uses are a custom, small modification.
  15. A few notes: - if you have no experience in maintaining your own server, practice in a virtual machine at home before taking to the internet - there is a reason why MySQL does not allow remote connections by default. Use them only if absolutly necessary. - do not use a GRANT ALL on a database unless it is absolutly necessary. Use user permissions with care. Only give them rights they should have, nothing more. And do not accept connections from % unless you have no other choice (dynamic IPs can by a PITA), if you are connecting from another dedicated server, limit the user account to that IP.
  16. maybe you should read into working with linux before attempting to administer a server. The -d switch deamonizes the process. It's like a service on windows. Something that ONLY runs in the background and has no console or no way to be directly manipulated from the console. It will only respond to kill signals. In order to interact with a deamon you need to use it's APIs. In the case of MTA that would be either the web interface or from within the game. When you run a process within a shell, that process is a child process from that shell. Kill the parent process (by closing the shell session (read: closing putty)) and the child dies with it. Any decent process browser will show you how dependend they are since a child process is usually displayed as a sub process of the parent. Windows even offers you a possibility to kill an entire process tree when you right click on a process. so what you need is a way to detach a process from a shell session. As Mikker explained, screen is one way to it. However, keep in mind that screen is an aging solution and there are more flexible solutions out there these days. I am slowly moving away from screen in favor of tmux that offers much more flexibility.
  17. Not really a bug i think. When you visit the site, the index page automaticly sends you to your view. The main page probably has been emptied due to outdated information and since virtually nobody looks at it.
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