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  1. nickl.... I like the cut of your jib. 'german guy' - hehehe... I was in Brazil and was introduced to Stefan - the 'German Guy'
  2. will do!! cheers dude! Dr_S
  3. The tune is Cy Coleman - Parisian Women I found it when I was training to be a nonchalant welder in Austria. The Salzburg School of Welding offered me a song every week, if I played the flute using my unusual gill, situated on my neck- under the left lobe. This track was one of the songs given to me and the first time I heard it, a baby was born, 4 people died and a car was stolen, burned out and recovered by the local council 5 weeks later. Sometimes, in the summer, Otters play with Squirrels. However, my experience has led me to believe that they were actually weasels with wax jackets. Ta.
  4. Hey, thanks for the feedback... it's a bit tongue'n'cheek - for those who slate - smile once in a while and stop marking those students homework!!! ARNOKE - you get it!! Cheers m8! Andyroosoft.... do you charge for hosting? I made an RM beacause I thought I'd try it out. If there are loads of peeps out there who want to make love to an AVI, then I'll post only AVI's... don't matter to me - I have a computer, not a Scientific Calculator. Even if I did, I wouldnt play games on it! Dr_Spain
  5. Hi Guys, Glad to see more and more progress in this part of the forum! Some excellent vids!!! For those of you having trouble with Windows Movie Maker, just format your hard drive - easy! I made a shorty...Right Click, Save As... and download! VIDEO: 360 Frontal [800kb] Cheers, Dr_Spain
  6. Hey DeJaya.... gr8 screenshot! !! Dr_S
  7. But you'll still be a record holder anyway... you'll hold the record of the most cars 'parked' in MTA 0.1 !! WooHoo My Trousers are ready!
  8. The whole Apache falling off the hill thing was cool ... however, there was some heartbreak as it had taken bloody ages to accumulate the vehicles on my own!!!! Who can beat 43 on a public server!? I'll try again.... 25 or so was my best so far! FBI Rancher all the way
  9. Holy SH**! That is some serious parking!! Nice job!!!!!!!!! I'd better get my camera ready coz I have some screens to capture! WooHOO!
  10. Maybe me and DeJaya should start a new Gang!!!! VPVC! Valet Parking Vice City
  11. dr_spain


    Sorry, I just woke up..... I was dreaming!!!!!! Dr-S
  12. DeJaya, it is indeed an excellent capture! Sadly though, if it could make my granny weep, it would be a miracle. She has no eyes. They were donated to Stevie Wonder in 1986 after a TV Telethon bid of over £5,000 for them. Apparently, they were so expensive because of the things she had seen in the war and her travels around the world visiting famous works of arts in museums. Keep up the screens!
  13. hehehehe My Granny always taught me to park my cars nicely!
  14. Could the admins do a monthly 'celebrity' skin that is server-sided? So that we all see it? GET ARNIE!!!!!
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