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  1. Unfortunately you cannot play with any kind of modded game currently. Personally I think this is probably the biggest problem with MTA and i don't understand why there's no option to disable the anti-cheat facility. I'd love to be able to play multi-player with some of the modded vehicles and maps out there. Particularly my very own Cheesy Wedge Of Doom (plug, plug... ) The good news however is that playing with mods will be possible in the upcoming 'Blue' version. There's plenty of info about that around the site.
  2. I understand that you've tried to make this tutorial as simple and idiot-proof as possible, so far so good. The one thing I'd like to add is that it is always better to capture at the highest resolution your system can handle, then resize it during the encoding process. For example, capturing at 1280x960 and using two 2:1 reduction (high quality) filters in VirtualDub to bring it down to 320x240 will give a better quality final video than capturing at 320x240.
  3. Yes you could, the real hard work is modelling all your new buildings/objects. Don't underestimate the amount of work needed to make an entirely new map of any appreciable size. Check out the GTA3 & Vice City modding section at GTAForums for a lot more info.
  4. The only limit I'm aware of is that for .col files. Nobody seems to know the exact value (somewhere between 1000 and 2000), to stay on the safe side it's best to take 1000 polys as a maximum.
  5. By looking through the forums for the many times this has been asked before... Short answer - FRAPS
  6. Well worth posting twice xerox. That list isn't exactly wide-ranging. Punk, metal, rock, oh and a couple of joke choices... New suggestions : Dub, Reggae, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Ambient, Indie, Blues, Experimental, Funk, Soul, proper Punk and so on... A bit of DnB would be a nice change though.
  7. Compress them you lazy bastard! Tip:Save as... .jpg! That wasn't too hard was it?
  8. I looked in my wallet and found 20 quid very easily, so I bought it.
  9. Ok....it is turning into a HL2 mod... I think I fell a looooong way out of the loop on that one.
  10. Here you go Lol : Pretty Pointless Really Stairway To Heaven Mod Just copy it into your ...Vice City\data\maps folder and use Notepad to add the following to the bottom of gta_vc.dat (in the data folder) : IPL DATA\MAPS\up.ipl This one goes even higher and has 'viewing' sections along the way.
  11. It was just me mucking about, trying to find the upper limit of Vice City. I may have a version hanging around on my drive somewhere, I'll have a look.
  12. Why not? Car parking is a much underrated skill.
  13. Any restriction, and I'm not saying there should be one, should be based on something that has an effect on the game, like ping. A dial-up user in the next town will probably have a better ping than a user with a 'high-speed' connection who is halfway round the world.
  14. Well, we certainly aren't turning it into a HL2 mod...
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