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Do you think car killin' is n00bish?

Do you think car killin' is n00bish?  

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  1. 1. Do you think car killin' is n00bish?

    • No. It's fair.
    • Yes. It's n00bish to car kill.

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Some people just cant adapt to the mutliplayer experience of the game and/or arent good at it, so they have to make up excuses to why they were killed and ban that way of killing someone from their server.

I remember playing 0.4.1 and i got kicked everytime from the Official server cuz i crouch glitched. The reason was it caused major desynch... If it really caused major desynch why wasnt a patch released to prevent it and why can you still do it in 0.5? Just another excuse to prevent people from doing it, just like the excuse for car killing, its noobish. :roll:

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its a part of the game so ppl should accept it

i dont really like car kills and if someone only ever uses cars to kill its getting a bit annoying (if theyd actually fight if they would be carless then ok but ive met some guys who would do suicide to avoid a gunfight)

i dont carkill myself, it feels just wrong and dirty, just like using an autosniper in css :P

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Ok, most of the people say it's not n00bish to car kill (only if it is a cheap shot), but why do servers ban heli/car killing?

Some players just think the car killing experience isnt any good and its a pathetic way of pwning another guy, yes i understand it is annoying when some guy is constantly running you over though grand theft auto is the name of the orginal game, i`d prefer getting killed by a weapon from another guy then getting smashed constantly with a car, though i`ve carkilled people before so i cant complain.

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