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  1. It took us a couple of hours. We practiced the angle the Patriot must face then pretty much perfected it... then we found an easier way to get to that platform haha.
  2. Would love to hit up GTA3:MTA once again.
  3. Featuring Mikiro, Spitfire, and Xanarki of the legendary Vice City Killaz.
  4. Did this actually go down or what? If so, I can't believe I missed it
  5. Few years and three weeks late, what the fuck is up guys!
  6. http://tinyurl.com/24lg8z7
  7. Then why the bloody hell did you post in it for? Hmph.
  8. Pretty sure we need another GTA3:MTA 0.5 field day.
  9. Vicer/Spitfire killed :Rob. (Soy Sauce Overdose)
  10. Vicer/Spitfire


    Are we still alive or what?
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