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  1. I'll be sure to drop by on your server. Glad to see that Vice City is still alive. (Proud MTA: VC Veteran)
  2. Glad to see MTA: Vice City is still alive and kicking. I'm redownloading Vice City again. I haven't played for years.
  3. I created a prison for my Roleplay server and I saved them both. When I look inside of the C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\maps folder it doesn't show my saves. It only shows one that I created about a day ago when I installed this Map Editor. But, when I'm in the map-editor it reads the saves and it'll load the map and I'll be able to edit. I'm not using too many objects as I'm only using 102. I have about three saves in my Map Editor but for some reason it wont read these saves. I've tried updating the .map file from yesterday by overwriting it with my prison but that didn't work either and the file wont change one bit. My question is, why wont they save? I mean, they should save somewhere because the Map Editor reads the save files and allows me to edit. Help is absolutely appreciated. Warm Regards, Jay
  4. If you can provide me the link to some website that includes Object ID's that'd be wonderful. But, I'd like the ID's for a Basketball Hoop, Security Camera (Ones that hang from the Building), and a Keypad (Sort of like a keypad for gates) If someone has these please post them here. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  5. Where can I find the download to the MTA Map Editor program? I'm running on Vista and using MTA Race 1.1.2 Thanks in advance.
  6. Here's an image and example of what the screen looks like for me...
  7. I apologize for the double-post but I'm desperate to play.
  8. Hello friends, I've been having this problem ever since I've downloaded Multi Theft Auto. I'm running on Vista and I cannot see my health, armor, weapons, or money bar where is informs you whether or not you're almost dead or how much money have. I can't see any of those, only the chatbox. It's getting on my last nerve because it worked back with 2.1 but now all of a sudden it isn't working. I've tried it with SA-MP and it's fine and I also tried playing singleplayer and it worked fine as well. What could be the problem? Warm Regards, Jay
  9. It looks very organized in my opinion. I might try it out myself sometime.
  10. Jayster

    YumProzac's maps ::

    Those look outrageous! Nice work, might try them whenever that darn serial issue gets fixed.
  11. You're an imposter. You aren't the original Godfather with FeaR, don't make up lies. The original Godfather had went through some changes and is now known as the Sin City Roleplay server (sincityrp.com) and by far hasn't even begun to work on a Multi Theft Auto script though they're planning onto someday. There has been many GF-RP imposters in the past and this one has been by far the most ridiculous one I've seen in my time.
  12. Hello, I'm a senior member of Multi Theft Auto and I've been playing here since early 05'. Well, a few months back I decided to try out the developers preview and it worked fine but once day I decided to uninstall it for a while. I reinstalled the developers preview, enter in my username and password and it wont let me click next or continue. At first, when I tried playing, it said I had an invalid serial. I'm really confused and I would really like to play since I'm playing in a community that will release a new gamemode for Multi Theft Auto and I don't want to be waiting around for another month till something happens. I tried to go into the IRC but nobody would help. There's 172 people inside of this chat and nobody said anything. I've been trying to get this fixed for the passed two weeks now and it's getting nearer and nearer to the release of the new gamemode and I still haven't accomplished anything. Please, help me get this fixed. I beg you all to help me with this issue, I'd really like to play. And, something I'd like to say about the serial generator, it's been a month now and it's still not working? Some of you people might not care for those who cannot play since you're able to play but they're not. They'd like to play as well. I'm absolutely angry since I'd have to go through all of this sh** just to play a game with some good friends of mine.
  13. Sorry for the late post, but dude, that is horrible.
  14. Okay, I've just bought GTAVC off of Steam. I downloaded MTAVC, and it says I must downgrade/upgrade to version GTAVC 1.0. Could someone send me the download link to this GTAVC 1.0? Thanks in advance.
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