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  1. It's a matter of whether you want to be killed by some idiot jumping around with a shotgun, or by some idiot running around you in circles with dual weapons. Take your pick. At least the stubby took skill to master. It wasn't just "run around and point and hope for the best" Stubby was an art, a skill. Dual tec9's arent. Hence.. My appreciation for VC. They're both just as stupidly overpowered and lame. Stubby shotgunning was never skill. It was a matter of who lagged less a lot of the time.
  2. It's a matter of whether you want to be killed by some idiot jumping around with a shotgun, or by some idiot running around you in circles with dual weapons. Take your pick.
  3. If GTA4 has good multiplayer (which I'm honestly going to say right now that I doubt it will) then MTASA will be dead. But it's not coming out any time soon; especially for PC.
  4. No you wouldn't you know that aint true. what your meant to say is "I would pay $5.95 dollars for it." but truthly out of the 20 ppl i know who was getting it is only 3 now. I bought Garry's mod.
  5. If this actually was true, I would pay $5 dollars for it. Too bad it's illegal without permission from Rockstar.
  6. Cars will be jutty due to your (and other clients) internet speeds and location to the server. With a very low ping, it may not seem as if the car jutts at all. But with a greater ping, the jumps will be much more obvious.
  7. Very cool. Do the scripts that are applied to a certain 'map' also decide the winning factor (if there is one) and can they be edited by the server in any way? For instance, a time limit, frag limit, score limit, ect?
  8. Obviously there's been a lot of new features from what was originally intended for MTA. I have a few questions about maps and game modes. 1) I'm kind of getting at the idea that the 'map' is basically the same thing as the 'game mode' and they can all be edited easily and on the fly. Will it simply be displayed as a map name? 2) How many default game modes should we be expected to see? 3) Will there be a standard free roam (possibly team oriented) deathmatch with a money/buying system available? 4) I remember also seeing something about creating custom teams in some game modes. How does this work? Can you create a private team that only friends will be able to access?
  9. The downfalls of teleporting them to a fake offmap section representing the inside of the plane are numerous. The first biggest one is that it'd be nearly impossible to simulate exiting the plane properly unless it were possible to parent a teleportation exit to the plane itself. Second, if the plane blew up, you would need some sort of script to make the inside section kill everyone inside it. Third, you would probably only be able to do it with one plane per map. All-in-all, it really wouldn't be an effective way to simulate such a thing. However, it is entirely realistic and possible to increase the number of available seats in the plane by... oh... say... 50?
  10. We have a blog for that. There is a large feature we haven't revealed yet, and when we reveal it, you will understand why it seems to be taking a long time. At the moment, there are lots of bug fixes and improvements being performed on this feature. Anyway, we recently requested another coder to work on the mod, so this should speed things up. I hope it's worth the wait. It seriously better not be VoIP...
  11. Where do you even come into this conversation? Just to be insightful and moronic? Did I miss the part where I asked for an idiotic response? You're trying to insult me to take the dev's favor, which certainly will never work.
  12. Wrong and wrong, why don't you wait and try it before you act like you know everything Wow, want to be anymore ignorant please? Saying "to my knowledge" certainly isn't acting like I "know everything."
  13. It's the only thing that can actually provide proof. Not like I signed up on the forums the first time I ever played MTA either. Like I said, it'll never happen anyway. Either way, it's pointless to talk about it. The way that it will work (to my knowledge) is that it will only show the targets name while hovering over the player. Honestly, that's the best way you can do it.
  14. VC is a completely different game. It's just running circles until your opponent makes themselves vulnerable. In SA, you need to stand still to fire (most) weapons (hence why the run and gun weapons are overpowered). Unless you have some seeing disability, it isn't hard to tell who's on your team, even if they're the exact same skin, which of course will probably never actaully happen. And if your gonna bring years into account here, my join date > yours.
  15. You just stated exactly what MTA has. Congratulations.
  16. Considering that nothing but SH!T has come out recently, and we aren't getting many good games until next year, I'll probably still play it. Except maybe CoH.
  17. Just the fact that you have full skills in everything makes dual weapons overpowered. You can already run full freakin' speed with em, now let's give you two!
  18. I know you are. And there hasn't been any announcement for a certain release date. Maybe Rockstar will learn from their mistakes and not keep the game on consoles for a fucking year this time.
  19. You don't know that. I honestly still remember in 2005 when someone made a post "MTA DM DELAYED UNTIL APRIL 2006." We were all like "Wtf? No way, it'll be out by then." Look at us now. *sigh* I also suppose this isn't as bad as the Savage 2 delay. I hope that doesn't turn into the next MTA DM, because I actually payed for that one.
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