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  1. Not only did you use a paid hack for which each banned cheater gets a permanent ban without exception, you also made grand threats to the server owner (Avalin RPG, where you were cheating).. first claiming you made the hack (trying to appear more dangerous than you really are) and then threathening to do more harm, keep coming back, and sell the hack to his players. No, you won't be unbanned, let alone with that included. This ban cannot be appealed again @Mickthomi
  2. First off, you know. And if you have a match, you shouldn't have tried to cheat Don't be lying, you launched a known paid MTA hack (the biggest one until last week, when we finally patched it). You can call yourself extremely lucky to not be permabanned. This ban cannot be appealed, have a nice day
  3. Some people just aren't worth replying.. like, i read a topic, know they are lying and i just dont bother. I know they know why they are banned and why that's to be expected as final result In your case, all i can say is: greetings to Mateplays (tarcseh), of which you are the team member. You were involved in cheat development activities and won't be unbanned
  4. I just clarified what was observed from the server logs (your acts, that are bannable) and how it came to being clear you're lying in this appeal This line makes no sense, or there's a language barrier.. you have never been in the staff team of said server. You were a visiting player that ended up engaging in globally bannable conduct, and you're very unlucky that this happens to be a server where i can observe the events. The next part of your line, in the context of the first part, is just incoherent Like i said, i was able to review the logs surrounding the incident (in which you engaged in said bannable conduct) and nothing that implies any server staff over there, or 'quotes' that was the bannable conduct, were observed during that reviewing process. In short, i know you're lying, and in addition i happen to have control over the evidence authencity. The core is that you spoke words which are globally bannable, your own words (unlike your lying claims), and that the opposite of cherrypicking - reviewing your other chat messages, as I said in my first reply, only corrobates that you're likely just that way, rather than it being impulsive words that 'accidentally' shot out of your mouth. The rest of your text is just a spaghetti of non-arguments that are pointing fingers with all sorts of wild accusations towards the server admins which made me aware of this incident. I addressed them before, more specifically in my previous reply, and on top of that i can reiterate i cannot find any signs it's true, by reviewing the chat logs I referred to.. for all we know it's the typical pointing fingers back at server admins that get you banned for your own conduct (which is also the only thing that's evidenced and proven). No one here wishes to waste their time on your essays, please, just get out of the gaming world, thanks. I hope authorities will knock on your door soon, to see how you really stick together as a person, and prevent any harm. Locking this to prevent more essays with non-arguments from eating away at our time. Like i said, ban appeal denied, what unfolded here is clear enough, and there is nothing you can do to confuse & distract us from your specific bannable conduct. After all, this is our platform, you're not welcome here.
  5. "I was quoting the MTA admins in this situation" > Not true "Whatever I implied in my messages" > By the above not being true, you weren't implying it.. its something that came from you, as a result of being the type of person that i described. That you said it was "quoted" and implied, its just your way to try make it out of this, the most plausible 'explanation'/excuse you could think of to prevent this from being attributed to you in the fullest sense server admins (where the incident unfolded) "engaging in racism towards myself for being a latino" > Not the case.. usually when someone gets banned somewhere, they think of an easy way to point fingers back/blame the opposing party, I'm pretty sure that's the case here, yet this entire subject has nothing to do with your global ban And how i know this? I have personally audited the server logs, on the server where this occurred. In fact, i am its owner, so i have first hand control to ensure that what happened in my absence unfolded exactly as the server log says, as in: the server log file isn't manipulated, no one except for me can control it, any server admins that you say you quarreled with (something i wasn't able to confirm, though irrelevant for the acts that led to this global ban) have no access to modify the log file, hence I can deduce how it happened, which I did Nice try, but you cannot lie your way out of this one, and falsely accusing the server admins that caught you behaving as you did of all sorts of things won't help you case either. I am a witness to the integrity of the evidence. And for all i care about, we protect our users against you (so if you're gonna make plays on me like you did with those server admins, next.. it wont change a thing). Ban appeal denied
  6. Certain type of highly harmful weirdo's, such as likely paedophiles that make statements like these: .. In addition to other sort of behaviors that only corrobate the idea you're not a normal person (that goes beyond regular toxicity in a given chat) Need to be removed from multiplayer games where they can come into contact with, you know. We need to protect our userbase against depraved individuals, and by that, you're not welcome on MTA. We can't take a gamble on your intentions with this. To protect your privacy a bit, i wont attach the large amount of relevancy-unfiltered messages i called "other sort of behaviors that only corrobate the idea you're not a normal person" @zSpyke
  7. I didn't need to read your long story, to deduce that you are banned for cheat development (even if you dont know that we found out..) and that we don't want to unban cheat developers. Ban appeal denied. I know you are persistent: to avoid a forum ban, don't appeal again and don't contact MTA staff members.
  8. No, we don't tend to unban cheat developers.. your involvement with highly toxic & malicious "Lua injector" cheat developers in Hungarian scene, while doing this, also plays a role. Not to speak of your malicious activity in the past (related to backdooring and leaking RPG gamemodes) that MTA knows about, I mean, it's not required to keep you banned, but indicates that HU scene is better off without you anyways. Ban appeal denied, it can't be appealed again @Wardis
  9. I felt the need to reply purely by how elaborate your lie is.. You ran a cheat from a Brazilian provider of paid MTA hacks. It's been fully confirmed through technical analysis in AC, so if your story about being an admin on a big server is true, i hope that the owner finds out what you were really doing Ban appeal denied, wait for it to expire @Mari Cupcake
  10. Don't lie Disable hardware spoofer, we won't be of any help
  11. We know who you are, so nice try to evade with a new PC Ban appeal was denied last year at https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/135411-hi-read-my-topic/ No..
  12. Dutchman101

    MTA Unknown crash!

    Please go to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\dumps\private and upload the newest .dmp file there to: https://upload.mtasa.com/ Post the resulting upload link in this topic @Sexan
  13. Don't lie, you tried to serial change with that spoofer after getting your appeal denied at https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/137041-i-got-a-ban-without-doing-anything-illegal-on-mta/, coming with another forum account won't help
  14. We know who you are, so pretending you have no idea why this PC is also banned (because it belongs to you.. a paid hack user) isn't going to change anything The answer to your original appeal at https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/135698-ban-trainer-im-sorry/ is final
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