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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there! Does anybody have any MTA:SA Race converter? That converts old-format race maps to new format ones? I've been searching for it on many racing forums but they won't work or they're corrupted. I can't find it anywhere. Does any of you have it by any chance?
  2. Anyone can send me a working yt mp3 converter API? Or how to create one, to play music from youtube on my server?
  3. Начну с того, что я, возможно, не первый кто подумал реализовать конвертер файлов карт в Lua скрипты. Знаю, что есть конвертер ipl карт в карты MTA и много других, но здесь другое. Собственно, ближе к делу, хочу вам показать свою версию конвертера .map карт в Lua скрипты. Данный конвертер расположен на сайте, где вы можете сконвертировать ваши карты в онлайн-режиме: LimeDev.ru Возможности конвертера В принципе, он выдаст скрипт на любой файл, который вы туда засунете, но главная суть заключается в массивах выданного скрипта. На данный момент конвертер может обрабатывать: Объекты; Маркеры; Ботов; Транспорт; Удаление объектов. К сожалению, с пикапами не разобрался, так как при конвертации имеются конфликты строк с числами. Думаю в скором времени разберёмся и с этим. Какой скрипт мы получаем На выходе мы получаем вполне работоспособный скрипт серверного типа. Всё что нужно сделать - написать для него мета-файл и запустить как ресурс. Они самые ? В ходе тестирования багов замечено не было. О любой некорректной работе прошу сообщать сюда. Спасибо. PS: от вас принимаю любую критику, только обоснованную, пожалуйста.
  4. I want play songs from youtube, but i don't know how to use a converter to this.. Anyone can send me a WORKING link like this: http://www.convertmp3.io/fetch/?video=..ytlink..? Sorry for my bad english...
  5. So i've been messing around with the map editor and i have a few projects. My problem lies in that i have a map converted into LUA and of course, i can load it and see it, but i can't edit it anymore because its lua. Is there a converter out there that does LUA back to MAP? I searched all i could but with no outcome. Either the angels in the map file i get converted are totally messed up or theres no converter able to do it.
  6. I want make a script, which plays sound from youtube.. But.. there is no one converter which would work.. How to use a converter as sound player? Anyone can help?? Sorry for my bad english..
  7. For example, when i have 1.000.000$ convert to: 1M$, or if i have 2.400.000$ convert to: 2.44M$. How to make this possible?
  8. I want convert Vice City map to my server, it is possible somehow?
  9. I made the Saints Row District map but there's at least 3 weapons in interiors but no teleports yet, but is there a way to get offline map converter to single-player san andreas? so I can spawn actors, play 2-player in multiplayer maps http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/110038-stilwater-of-saints-row-district-map-v0-01 I convert this map from mta2scm online converter, and this exceeds over 75kbs so I have to manually cut the parts of the map and pasted in the site to converter then import to cleo and renaming variables. My map is at least 145kbs, but I manage to import all the objects.
  10. Back in the past there was a website that could convert maps created with the official in game map editor to a corresponding Lua script. Unfortunately tho that website appears to be down by now, so I've created my own converter using some regular expressions to find properties in a map file and generate a corresponding Lua script. Here's how it looks: So why would you convert your maps to Lua then? well there are many reasons, for instance: Reduce file size, converted Lua files is around 20% the size of it's corresponding map file. Ability to use the local cache, obviously a good thing since players won't have to download your maps every time they connect. Easy to customize, only one line needs to be changed to make all objects double sided, breakable etc.. (optional) Attach a discrete blip to each map object so that players can see where custom mappings exist. Since it uses regular expressions it will try to convert any input, no matter if the syntax is right or wrong. All properties from your map files are supported including, position (x,y,z), rotation (x,y,z), interior, dimension, breakable objects, double sided objects, blips and removal of world objects. The site is encrypted with SSL/TLS and nothing is logged or saved to prevent anyone from stealing your valuable maps. Here's the link to the site: https://lua.wuss.pw/
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