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  1. Wow - I'm exactly 1 year older than Kent! Happy Birthday mate - the same as Benito Mussolini's!
  2. Well I can understand why people don't like you. Why not just ignore the chat box and concentrate on the game - then no one will know that you're French.
  3. Yes, I was very impressed with the difference in smoothness from race to the current alpha dm. Whereas in race other people's cars always seem to go off at weird angles and then snap back, in dm even on a server running from a home computer that only happens rarely.
  4. He was quiet often at XE TS before.. But he's never playing MTA anymore, as far as I know.. I know you're not English, but you've got to know that Jezebel is girl's name
  5. I didn't receive the email either, and I'm afraid this is too short notice at least for me and probably for chode too.
  6. I guess you've never just circled the army base avoiding ground-to-air and air-to-air missiles at the same time? I find it hilarious fun.
  7. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the problem has been fixed.
  8. Yes the uploader is blocked from voting. At the moment, yes a single vote will give it that rank, but we're working on ranking them also by the number of votes.
  9. Sign chode and myself up as a duo: Duo name: Death is a Bitch [DiaB]chode [DiaB]domspy
  10. Please have some food too. I think the review will be very interesting, especially for people who were worried that the first release was just going to be racing. As you can see, with the map editor you can be very inventive. And I have to say - Jordan certainly does like those exploding barrels
  11. /me guesses that you're not even in the same ballpark as the real figure.
  12. You and JonChappell have set yourselves to hidden. For everyone else there is no dot next to your names.
  13. I think I've worked it out now - it's just the difference between a hot topic and not (Red being a non-hot topic and black being hot).
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