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    I have many homes all over the world, i own them all!!...right now though, i live in MrBump's closet

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  1. that would be a violation of the eula, home made client. just a instant messenger lol. and right now TCP is being a bitch EDIT: although...i might make a ASE query and join with mta:// hmm..
  2. damn right... i just woke up again, maybe ill finish it today.
  3. yea, im going to guess people dont read the documentation for the MTA:// handler. (unless its not included) at which point..... ... .. iuno, its 4 am.... [/post]
  4. Yeah, The MTA Team's number 1 quote! used to be "wait and see " lol.
  5. haha jesus, ive been at it all night. here is some screens. (green image is interchangable by admin) ive been coding the netcode this chat will probably be protected by AES or something, i dont know yet. there are problems im having with registering and logging in conclusion: i am a bored insomniac.
  6. very nice! ill be glad to make more, if you wish. also, i know this other guy, maybe he can produce some
  7. you should use MSN, but by tomorrow ill make something good (if not today)
  8. are you serious? there are thousands, upgrade.
  9. thats wonderful, and glad you decided to join the forums cray [/sarcasm]
  10. can you draw directX stuff on the client's screen? (from a mod developer's perspective.) a good example would be... to skin tommy using DX (lets make him blue, shall we?) could we do stuff like that? or change how DX renders the world, as seen here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=186404 or here: http://www.spooky.nildram.co.uk/ish.jpg
  11. well, try instaling new video card drivers, if its a compaq, it fixed it for me.
  12. this one is reasonably better. trying to achive: this EDIT: i found this website. nice models to build upon.
  13. if i knew how to skin, it would soon be finished, im not against open-sourcing maybe i post the sketchup (or .3ds version) here? or can a skinner PM me. (btw sloth that looks like a cs 1.6 guy, put in in hl1 lol)
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