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Peoples Favrite Cars In MTA:VC

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fav GTA 3 car--- Banshee

fav VC car------- Ice Cream truck

fav SA car------- Semi Truck with attached trailor!!! :shock:

My fav plane of the 3 games is the WW2 fighter in san andreas..... The harrier fighter jet is awesome, but ya just can't beat a classic WW2 plane 8)

The semi truck in SA can have a few different trailor attachments. My fav attach would be the huge cylinder tank. Trying to race with them will be awesome online, cause if you turn too sharp you will loose your attachment (good physics).

The jolly ice cream truck totally dominated everyone in the bloodring demo derbys we used to play in MTA .3 DM so it gets my vote in VC. :lol: Besides, that music is as sweet as the treat found inside.

The banshee breaks as fast as it moves, so it scores highest with me in GTA 3. I just love busting into the car dealership and stealing a banshee! yeeehaaaaa!

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